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  1. krissybear2003

    POR with an 8 YO?

    We LOVE POR we have brought our kids now grandkids! It is very much a kid friendly hotel! The grandkids loved the pool, the movies in the pool, s’mores etc! You can also use the sister resorts it’s a short walk or boat ride!
  2. krissybear2003

    Do you still need a dining reservation to park at the resorts?

    We are here now… you can get to other resorts pretty easy. We had walked over to Beach Club from Epcot. You can take the skyline tar from Epcot to the skyline resorts as well. You can also take the monorail to the Grand Floridian and Polynesian. You may also take buses to the other resorts all...
  3. krissybear2003

    Planning for 2024...

    We have been in march and the weather was nice while we were there. Epcots flower and garden festival is beautiful, the flowers, the characters topiaries! Not to mention the food and wine. MNSSHP is a special event that requires a special ticket for the party. I would choose March as well it’s a...
  4. krissybear2003

    Christmas Season Can't Miss....

    We love Biergarten!!!!
  5. krissybear2003

    Christmas Season Can't Miss....

    It’s so much fun! Can’t wait for this year!!
  6. krissybear2003

    Christmas Season Can't Miss....

    On our down day… well It was supposed to be. We went to Disney Springs for the Christmas tree stroll. Then we went to Grand Floridian to see the gingerbread house! This is a must!!! Epcot will has a cookie stroll… which is really fun!
  7. krissybear2003

    Best Rooms for Five

    Port Orleans Riverside has rooms that sleep 5! There is plenty of room for 5 people! They are in the Alligator Bayou section of the resort.
  8. krissybear2003

    Accommodations for 5 adults

    Art of animation has family suites that may be just what you are looking for . They have the 2 bathrooms and accommodations for up to 6 people!
  9. krissybear2003

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    I live in Maine gas was 3.82 and you’re right with the rise of gas other things will be going up as well. Soon we will have to start thinking about heating oil too so things will be tight for people.
  10. krissybear2003

    Need advice - Disney Cruise in Feb 2024

    Kingdom Konsultant agents are all Disney authorized agents. We go thought training from Disney learning about each ship etc. We are with you from the time of booking until you get off the ship , if something comes up we are on the phone with them saving you time!
  11. krissybear2003

    Animal Kingdom vs EPCOT

    I enjoy Epcot, the rides, the culture and the food. The festivals are so much fun! Animal kingdom can be done in a 1/2 day, and closes earlier then the rest.
  12. krissybear2003

    Need hotel recommendation--great pool and amenities

    I would suggest Port Orleans Riverside, you can take the boat over to French Quarter and enjoy that pool as well. Both resorts are relaxing and when we brought our granddaughters all they wanted to do was be in the pool! We would go to the parks and they asked to go back. They have movie nights...
  13. krissybear2003

    Which would you pick ?

    We stayed at Port Orleans riverside in December. We had taken the monorail to the Grand Floridian to see the gingerbread house. You can take the WDW transportation to park hop to see the decorations and stay at a resort within your budget!
  14. krissybear2003

    How I do it.

    Comfortable sneakers is a must!! We brought our granddaughters and they were tired out before I! I did start walking a lot before we went. But when you get tired sit and people watch.. that’s always a great time!
  15. krissybear2003

    Question about PO Riverside

    When we stayed dogs were not a problem! It’s such a beautiful resort and spread out I am sure you will love it! Be sure to take the boat to French Quarter to get beignets!! Have fun!!
  16. krissybear2003

    any idea how many tickets sold for afterhour/hallowween/christmas party per day?

    Kingdom Konsultants is having a special now on the special event tickets!!! If you purchase 4 of the special event tickets Jollywood, Mickeys Not So Scary or Mickeys Very Merry Christmas you will receive a 25.00 gift card to Disney!! Contact me to get this special it only runs till the end of...
  17. krissybear2003

    Hello Disney Fans!!!

    Hi! Welcome!!!
  18. krissybear2003

    Question about WDW ticket seller site

    If you are looking for tickets we at Kingdom Konsultant would love to help! We are running a special right now! If you purchase 4 or more special event tickets, Mickeys no so scary, Jollywood Nights or Mickeys Very Merry OR a 3 day stand alone ticket you will receive a 25.00 Disney gift card...
  19. krissybear2003

    What's your longest road trip to get to WDW?

    It took us 26 hours the first and only time we drovedown. We spread itout into three days stoppingin VA the first night then in Jacksonville the second night. On the way home we drove straight through though we were three days into war and I wanted to see Maine. :p Kris
  20. krissybear2003

    Its a Secret

    Contact Pamat Kingdom Konsultants she does all that kindof stuff...and she can get you a great discount. Have his fiancee pack his suit in with her things. Good luck to you... KRIS
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