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  1. Robbiem

    First timer thoughts from Hong Kong Disneyland

    That would be great, or if HK doesn’t like pirates theme it to jungle book. I’d also add Toy Story Mania and some more dark rides in Fantasyland if there is money left, a new version of Alice would be nice
  2. Robbiem

    Can you ship home from Tokyo Disney parks ??

    I’ve not done it myself but almost all hotels in Japan have delivery services black cat is the one you usually see. Just remember that you may need to pay customs duties
  3. Robbiem

    Disney Board of Directors -- News and Drama Bobby boy appears to have so much faith in his management that he’s sold 80% of his shares over the past year!
  4. Robbiem

    United Kingdom pavilion refurbishment

    The tiling reminds me of Russell Square ’tube’ station. It’s a shame the toilets aren’t underground in old school London fashion Fun fact - the original Victorian london tube had different tile patterns at each station because most passengers couldn’t read
  5. Robbiem

    NonDisney IPs that eventually could fit in Disney Parks

    James Bond would be a good fit at the studios. Classic Hollywood IP. Maybe a cars type car chase ride. Studio Ghibli has so may IPs it would be an amazing land anywhere but if you had to have one a spirited away bathhouse dark ride would be cool but not sure how known it is stateside. Lord...
  6. Robbiem

    WDS - 3rd expansion land: Lion King (Rumour)

    it sounds like the pre covid idea of building a flower park on the second gate in Hong Kong. I would love to see more at hong kong the resort could be so much more
  7. Robbiem

    Is Bob Iger Going To Be Fired Soon?

    The only way he’s leaving is being carried out in a box, he will never leave of his own free will
  8. Robbiem


    Tokyo Disney has great themed buses something similar with suitable uni themes would work well IMO
  9. Robbiem


    Where it will hit Disney is in the wallet if Uni becomes more of a resort destination and people choose to stay there for a week and maybe visit magic kingdom for a day. While Disney will be OK in the short term the longer term impacts I think will bite more. People will gradually have less...
  10. Robbiem

    More Fantasyland dark rides

    I think Disney can still do big dark rides but they only build them in Asia. Stateside everything big budget is mainly thrill rides. Its such a shame that something like the sinbad ride in TDS or Hong Kong’s mystic manor hasn’t been built in the US or Paris parks. By only building flat rides or...
  11. Robbiem

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I can see Jim’s point. Using Hondo is a bit fanboy easter egg. Casual guests who don’t know the animations wouldn’t know who he is. It won’t spoil the ride but it won’t connect with them in the same way as a more known character like Jabba or Lando would. I wonder Hondo was going to be in one...
  12. Robbiem

    News The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as CEO Through 2026

    Disney War is a great book. I’d also recommend Michael Eisner’s autobiography work in progress to see the other side of events. I agree with the above that a hell of a lot of people with too much power end up as ego driven maniacs. what I find interesting now is the comparison between Eisner...
  13. Robbiem

    News The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as CEO Through 2026

    Iger was never diverse. For all his supposed success he basically bought a bunch of movie studios to add IP (I know marvel is comic books etc but it was bought for the MCU). He never really diversified into new areas in the ways Eisner did. A diversified Disney should have had something like...
  14. Robbiem

    News 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom

    I think villains land appeals more to adults. A lot of little people could be scared by villain land so you run the risk of little johnny or jane being terrified. Remember that Disney toned down the original snow white ride and the Alien scene in the great movie ride. Any attractions will...
  15. Robbiem

    Earliest Versions of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie to Enter Public Domain in 2024

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. As well as copyright there are also several trademarks for Mickey and co which don’t expire. Disney will also be able to use various laws to argue that a public domain mickey may cause confusion or trade on their name to try and stop...
  16. Robbiem

    SPOILERS: Indiana Jones 5: The Dial of Destiny

    I have to agree. I’ve just watched Dial of Destiny and the one thing that stands out to me is the lack of fun. The old movies always had those tongue in cheek moments and comedy scenes showing a lighter side to Indy. Dial was just too dour to be fun IMO
  17. Robbiem

    Doctor Who (BBC & Disney+ 2023)

    I agree for the revamped show but as an oldie I still have a nostalgic love of the Tom Baker / Romana era stories like city of death. Its a shame that they didn’t make a full TV version of Shada (the unfinished Douglas Adams story) for the 60th as one of the David Tennant specials. That could...
  18. Robbiem

    Doctor Who (BBC & Disney+ 2023)

    I thought the new doctor had a roving accent- he roved between english RP, mockney and west indian patois at different times. I’d rather they picked one as it got a bit distracting for me
  19. Robbiem

    Rebel Moon

    Don‘t forget the magnificent seven was a remake of the seven samurai so we have a remake of a remake of a remake! And thats not counting a bugs life or the mando episode with cara dune and the ATST which were the same plot as well!
  20. Robbiem

    News The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as CEO Through 2026
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