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    News Disneyland Magic Key Program

    Stevek, Good point!! I stand by my statement! People(in this case)get taken because they don't realize they ARE being taken! It's like the old shell game....pick the shell with the pea....person THINKS he knows....BUT it's a con! There is so much info coming from Disney...I admit...
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    News Disneyland Magic Key Program

    Get ready to be in.... $$$$$$$$!No matter how much Disney charges & how loud people scream & threaten NO WAY!!I'm done with DISNEY....upper management will laugh & say.....give it time ....we will get what we always!! Remember when they started charging for PARKING....even...
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    Rumor Guest Boat Rentals Not Returning

    I look forward to the post that says DISNEY will be downsizing upper management positions to save $$$$ ! Will not happen but I can ! dream
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    So... a Splash Mountain log sank..

    I'm an old guy & remember when Maint.was a priority! WDW had Maint.crews working every night to make sure everything WORKED!! Now....MANAGEMENT probably decided MAINT.wasn't THAT important & decided to "downsize" MAINT!! I saw lack of Maint. in every park.First thought was, bet that extra $$$...
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    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    As I mentioned in a past post! IGER...should be FIRED! Bout time!
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    Cash-Strapped Disney

    Take a moment & THINK of the decisions IGER has made...count the cost...SPLASH just don't believe he had a hand in charging parking $$$$ for people staying at WDW resorts? BET...there will be more Iger changes various rides! Iger has opened the door for...
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    Cash-Strapped Disney

    I have a great solution to the WDW CASH problem....get rid of IGER!!
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    Jungle Cruise next?

    Used to be MAJORITY RULES....well...DISNEY CEO shot that idea down!! I just wonder how much damage this CEO is going to do...before he gets FIRED!
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    The Splash Mountain Appreciation Thread

    Wonder how long before the STOCKHOLDERS give this CEO his goodbye papers!!VERY SOON..."IF" they are smart.Wonder how much $$$$$$$$$$$ will cost WDW!
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    The Splash Mountain Appreciation Thread

    The CEO probably told his upper management at a meeting! Don't get upset....give it time & "they " will forget & come back!Remember what happened when we charged for parking at the RESORTS! here is what I'm changing next! Sigh...Bye WDW,hello UNIVERSAL!Never been there I was loyal to...
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    Some will write but we both know what's already in motion!I retired from business 10yrs.ago. I...

    Some will write but we both know what's already in motion!I retired from business 10yrs.ago. I dealt with management everyday! I knew way back,things would change when they changed DIXIE LANDINGS to RIVERSIDE!Bet the management meeting concerning SM went something like this.We are going to redo...
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    Will more people be driving to WDW this year and using less Disney transportation?

    I'm lucky,I drive from Miami, to WDW 31/2 hrs....I stop for coffee! ATLANTA,when we set up at the BLADE SHOW....I hated driving thru ATLANTA,I thought Miami drivers were bad....ATLANTA drivers are NUTS! Driving from NJ to Miami..I remembered NC & SC seemed to never end.Ya'll driving ...such long...
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    Name one Disney attraction you miss so much it hurts

    Thought of two more...these won't be rides...but I miss them 1)The old bakery on Main Street!Just walking & thinking....wait for it...THEN BAM,the cinnamon roll & coffee aroma!! 2)the old barber a shave first day I was there!Can't explain it...just felt better! Yeah...I know...I'm old!
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    Name one Disney attraction you miss so much it hurts

    Wonders of Life & Great Movie Ride!
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    Augh.. I feel like the Harbinger of Doom recently with my posts.. Tom Sawyer's Island will not be opening up again...

    I hope it's just temp.but IF...we don't keep asking status....UPPER management will just let it go....until no one remembers ....then WHAM...TSI is GONE. FOREVER!
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    CM Attacked at ToT

    I would be fired!!The moment she hit me ...she would have hit the ground! Yell at me,curse me ,call me every name in the book no problem! Hit me & now it's my turn!!
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    The guy doing the woodcarving is from Kenya.Next time you are there "look"at the knife he is...

    The guy doing the woodcarving is from Kenya.Next time you are there "look"at the knife he is using.He makes a new one when his present one gets sharpened too much.It is NOT what you would consider a knife! I say hi whenever I visit.Funny story....when my brother & I stopped by(yrs.ago)for the...
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    Then and Now - WDW Comparison Photos

    Change is going to happen....fact of life.....! Do I like all of them...NOPE....being 74 & visiting WDW over 40 times I am able to compare past & present...this is a blessing & a curse! Some dislikes can be changing the Bakery to "Starebucks" I hate it! I liked it the way it was...
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    This is how bad the price increases are

    Just think...that parking is FREE" money.It is also BIG money....multiply # of rooms sold just figure a ..4 night stay!THEN....figure in the "other "deluxe"resorts...add the cost together &get surprised at the FREE money WDW gets! Thats just for the deluxe! Jim
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    Trip Report A Bonus last minute March Flower and Garden trip with lots of "Moments" - COMPLETED

    Just finished reading your final entry....yep,read them all! Next time if you want meds.get Allegra D 12hr.clears up allergies like nothing else! Jim
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