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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Got lucky this morning (Sunday) doing the mash refresh from our house before driving to Orlando. First time riding and my 8 y/o got a second with our child switch with our littlest. Park wasn’t too crowded overall.
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    Florida Resident Ticket Upgrade Question (park hopper)

    Quick question does anyone know if you can add park hopper to a Florida ticket after it’s been used one? We have the 2 day ticket deal and didn’t buy the hopper add on originally. We used one day and were curious if we could purchase the add on now. Thanks in advance.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Unfortunately I missed it. I saw the envelope testing rig and grabbed a picture. The train area looked like they are starting to build the structure for the walls where it will pass.
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    News 4-day Florida Resident Summer Fun Ticket 2021

    Looks like a way to try and get a few more people in the parks instead of waiting til the 50th starts. Fill the gap in reservations.
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    What time do Florida discount tickets purchasing start?

    We are possibly making a quick day trip to Disney on Jan 4th. With the Florida discount tickets they are available for purchase and use on the 4th. Does anyone know if we can purchase them after midnight going into the 4th? Looking to see if we can purchase and reserve for the park before going...
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    Kids Silver Annual Pass - Parking

    Friend's car doesn't have an annual pass. So we have two passes across two cars.
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    Kids Silver Annual Pass - Parking

    Does a kid's silver annual pass include parking? We have two cars going to the parks and were wondering.
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