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  1. CntrlFlPete

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    the difference I see between Comcast and Disney is that Comcast is diversifying their portfolio by building up the theme park aspect, they see it as a growing business. Disney's seems to be diversifying their 'theme park' portfolio by growing their cruise ship business. Regardless, it always...
  2. CntrlFlPete

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    the mural didn't register with me until I saw your post with it. But yeah, they went all in w/ it -- there are mugs and all sorts of stuff in this line:
  3. CntrlFlPete

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    it's an Incredible Journey!
  4. CntrlFlPete

    Photo Association Thread!

  5. CntrlFlPete

    Wasted food at Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue

    from what I recall of HDD was that it all centers around being a show -- all courses are brought out into the hall at the same time -- it all seems times/planned -- makes more sense to me to want to minimize 2nd servings that would break the flow. I do wonder how many folks were in the party...
  6. CntrlFlPete

    News Disney plans to accelerate Parks investment to $60 billion over 10 years

    you act as if no one has ever had their wallet/phone disappear by the pool at any/all Disney resorts -- how about folks whose stroller somehow vanishes at the Magic Kingdom? People still show up though (with their blinders on).
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