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    Kingdom Konsultants - Which Agent?

    Add me to the list of capable Kingdom Consultant agents! I'm a newbie to KK compared to most of the others here, but anyone who's been on this forum knows I've been around Disney a LONG time, and a member of these forums since a few months after it first started! - Zac
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    Disney to increase the number of FastPass+ entitlements per day and include park hopping

    Yeah, I was making those selections wondering where the tiers were, because I remember them being there when I made choices the first time around. I should go back and change one and see if they're still available that way.
  3. Main Street USA

    Disney to increase the number of FastPass+ entitlements per day and include park hopping

    I updated our fast passes for our May trip last week and I wasn't subject to the tier system. I was able to book RnR, ToT, and Toy Story for the same day at Hollywood Studios.
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    Gaston's Cinnamon Roll

    Yeah, unfortunately, the WDW blog tells us we can get the cinnamon rolls at Gaston's, but I've had two there (tried a second out of hope I got an old one), and both were made very differently than the bakery's and were extremely dry. I'm not picky about food at ALL, and these were close to...
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    Epcot monorail beam closed 12/7

    ...for work "on the beam itself. Could be closed all day."
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    WDW Virtual Visit

    I know there is an old thread around here somewhere, but the content of it hardly applies anymore, so here's a new one. Anyway, for those that are interested, and for those that liked the old one, the new is active. Completely free to use. Enjoy!
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    Tell me about Nine Dragons at Epcot

    My wife and I seem to always end up there, and we're NEVER disappointed. Calling it "take out" or "fast food" is incredibly misleading. Great, attentive, and kind servers and very tasty food. We've eaten at almost every restaurant in WDW so we have plenty to compare it to. As someone said...
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    Buyer beware

    This is one of the big reasons companies offer gift cards to begin with. Once the money is spent on the gift card, the money is theirs. They aren't going to give you cash or any other form of currency in return, that's the whole point of the gift card program for them and every other company...
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    PHOTO - First section of the new Fantasyland castle wall unveiled

    In following that twitter link I clicked on the link to go to the site. There are some VERY cool shots taken from atop the crane that is/was next to Cinderella Castle. Definitely worth a look.
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    Polynesian Lobby Smell

    The guys that ran the "Mesa Verde Times" blog (this was the blog about the two guys that continually jumped out of their vehicles on Horizons back in the day, and even went so far as to spend hours underneath different parts of the scenes...incredible) did just that awhile back. They bought a...
  11. Main Street USA

    Polynesian Lobby Smell

    "Flavorscents" was, at one point...if not still, the company that WDW uses for the scents that they pump into the lobbies and (some) attractions. It's the same company they used for the orange scent in Horizons, too. I contacted them quite a while ago and they most certainly have first hand...
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    Yeti Update

    The pterodactyl that used to "fly" toward you when you heard Dr. Seeker say "Incoming!" has been stationary for years, as well. As with many cases talked about above, it's still a fun ride, but man, it used to be truly amazing. The little things make a big difference, and to people like most...
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    Some things HAVEN'T changed when it comes to customer service...

    Yeah, I understand Mears is contracted, but they are a separate company, still. Matters such as this where Mears was the company that directly caused the damage would most certainly (I would guess anyway) be handled by them and not Disney when it comes to a decision like reimbursing me. I...
  14. Main Street USA

    Some things HAVEN'T changed when it comes to customer service...

    Yes, yes you do. I should know. It just happened to me. Of course I had to sign a report. If I gave every single, little detail the story would've been 6 paragraphs long and no one would've bothered to read it. I had to summarize. I didn't watch him open a "drawer" per se, because I...
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    Some things HAVEN'T changed when it comes to customer service...

    I see a lot of complaining about how WDW has gone downhill, etc....and in some areas I agree, but I was floored by amazing customer service on two separate occasions on my trip a few days ago. First, my wife and I took our new stroller down with us. We used Magical Express, and when we got...
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    school bread?

    I tried both School Bread and Lefse about 3 weeks ago. Not sure I'll ever have either again. Both are good, not great. The School Bread was just way too much custard filling. The Lefse was better, in my opinion, but it was still just OK. Both are worth trying once, if for no other reason...
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    Osborne or Very Merry Christmas Party?

    I've been to the MK at 4:00pm twice for the party, and both times I was let in with a party ticket and nothing else. I've also heard of others doing this very same thing. 4:00pm entry for party-goers seems to be a very common thing. As for the question at hand, I'd also go to the Studios...
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    Disney's Contemporary Resort 'Health and Wellness' suites canceled

    While I agree with almost everything you've said here, I don't think people that want to spend the extra money on a deluxe are getting ripped-off if they know what they're getting for their money. Like you said, if they're under the impression that the WDW deluxe properties are true luxury...
  19. Main Street USA

    PHOTOS - New improved Epcot Christmas Tree now on display

    Looks great! Would really love to see it from a distance...say through some white, beautifully lit archways that gently dance to beautiful Christmas music. Sorry...had to be done.
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