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    Trip Report Shortest Retirement in History? *Part Tu*

    I enjoyed your last report and I'm glad you are writing again! I can already tell that your Mom's birthday vacation was so special! What a beautiful room at the Boardwalk.
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    Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

    Thank you for sharing your vacations with us! I've followed along for years and will miss reading them very much!
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    Trip Report C'mon Pop Pop!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Gary!
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    Trip Report From Droids to Toys… Texting The Boy and Can We Just Blame It On Captain Hook? Our September 2019 Disney Journey (Including Another Ross’ Return!)

    I really enjoyed this and give you so much credit for finishing it!! A random question……did you post about Lego Land NY before it opened or am I thinking of someone else?
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    Trip Report Never tell me the odds! ***Completed***

    I've been lurking following along and Frog and Toad got me to comment! Last night I was reading Harry Potter with my ten year olds and brought up Frog and Toad. Both of my sons had big smiles and said how much they loved those books. ❤️ Other fun friend duos lil BES may love....... the Gerald...
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    Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

    Have a wonderful time!! :)
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    Advice/suggestions appreciated on a possible visit to Universal

    I hope your enjoy your vacation in November! I am taking your advice and doing some research now. Do you have a favorite resort on property? I can't wait to go on Hagrid's either.
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    Advice/suggestions appreciated on a possible visit to Universal

    Thank you for your suggestions on the motion sensitive rides. Do you think there is enough to do at the Universal parks if not everyone in your family is adventurous with rides?
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    Advice/suggestions appreciated on a possible visit to Universal

    Thank you for sending this! I just read your article and found it so helpful. Thank you for your suggestions! I keep looking at the deluxe resorts and seeing a price tag of over 500 a night (yikes) but I know that with the express passes included this is a huge perk. I need to price it all out...
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    Advice/suggestions appreciated on a possible visit to Universal

    Kids are 9, thinking either May or October of 2023, 3 park days and unsure about where we are staying at this point in time.
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    Advice/suggestions appreciated on a possible visit to Universal

    We are a family of 4 but I am the only one that’s been to Universal. I used to go as a kid in the 90s and know that the only original ride that is left is ET. I’ve been to Islands of Adventure once (in 2001 I think) so I know a lot has changed there as well! We are Harry Potter fans and would...
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    Trip Report For The LAST Time In Forever - September 2021 TR

    Congratulations to you!!
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    Trip Report "And The Award For The Most Dramatic Goes To....."

    I love C’s shirt in the first picture! Count me in!
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    Trip Report A New Hope, A New Day *COMPLETED*

    I am so sorry about your Dad. I love the tribute that you wrote to your Dad and how you included all of his Disney favorites. I hope you get to relax on your upcoming trip and get to enjoy one of his favorite spots or rides while you are there in his memory.
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    Trip Report MILESTONE TRIP! First Orlando Visit, Final Disney Park!

    I mostly lurk but I had to comment and say how much I am enjoying your report! As a kid we used to always spend a day at Universal on our Disney trips and I've only been to IOA once. It's been YEARS and so much has changed! Thanks for your great descriptions and pictures.
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    Trip Report That’s No Moon... ***Completed***

    Congratulations to you!!
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    Trip Report Shookie's Family Four Pack...Plus Two (I think that equals six)

    Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! It looks like you had the best time!!
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    Trip Report It's been 6 years and a global pandemic, but we are back!

    I second this! I've been silently following along and love her dress selections. :) Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!!! So happy you are having a great time with your family.
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    Trip Report Soon it will just be two of us - A very unique Max Trip Report

    Seeing pictures of It's a Small World make me happy to begin with but the holiday overlay looks amazing! I hope to get to Disneyland to see it someday.
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    Trip Report 'Tis the Season to be Jolly... at WDW! 🎄 - Live- *COMPLETED*

    Thank you for sharing these! I love them all.
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