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  1. vyst

    The Brazilian tour groups: is Disney taking action?

    Oppressive humidity you mean!
  2. vyst

    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

    I'm pretty sure people pay that money to see if Keith Richards is actually still alive and not an animitronic ride piece stolen from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  3. vyst

    New Sound Stage Lounge At DHS

    I mean anyone that wants to relax goes to the backlot express to get free drink refills and all you can eat pickles anyway.
  4. vyst

    New Sound Stage Lounge At DHS

    I was just saying to myself "I wish I had more places to toss old guide maps away and sit down and complain about the heat" - thank heavens my prayers have been answered.
  5. vyst

    Bob Iger at WDW now ... BoD to Follow?

    It's a great big beautiful yesterday?
  6. vyst

    Disney Quest to close in July 2017

    Honestly it's basically the same exact rollercoaster sim that was at Disney Quest. You build a ride, scan a card and go on your way. The only difference is you get more customization options with the sum of all thrills ride presumably because the technology improved in the decade+ after the DQ...
  7. vyst

    Disney Quest to close in July 2017

    Well because it will cater to a global market and if it's a true sports bar you can bet that they'll have Premiere League soccer and whatever the other leagues are, and probably MLB as well.
  8. vyst

    5 Things to Skip at Disney World

    Agreed. Me and my SO bring our own food for lunch and dinner, but we go 3-4 times a month so that adds up. If you're doing a family vacation that's like once a year, you should really be enjoying the theme park flavor in its entirety. Now I'm not going to assume financial situations but if you...
  9. vyst

    Disney Quest to close in July 2017

    You do realize that 40 minutes isn't a long time to wait right? Especially depending on the day of the week and time you try to get in.
  10. vyst

    Test Track: v.1.0 vs v.2.0

    The testing process in the old one was better. The heat test, cold test, acid test were fun. The feeling of the different types of surfaces was cool. I'll admit the queue ambiance is better in the new one. With that said, I've been 3 times in the past month and the "scoreboard" has been broken...
  11. vyst

    Which Retired Attraction do you miss most?

    Old Innoventions, I don't care if it's antiquated Sega Genesis and old console games it was so much fun. Horizons, This was an amazing right that sparked the imagination of what a "future" could be. Old Test Track, I prefer the old ride, but I'll admit I like the queue ambiance of the new one...
  12. vyst

    Selfie sticks - is this a thing at WDW yet? Disney clarifies policy

    It's cool. I'll just set up my DSLR camera with tripod on space mountain to get those sweet action shots I crave. Selfie sticks are for amateurs.
  13. vyst

    Bob Iger at WDW now ... BoD to Follow?

    Disney Springs is a long term revenue stream though so while it's disappointing in the short term, the hopes is that long term it pays for itself over and over again with merchandise and food/beverage.
  14. vyst

    Disney Quest to close in July 2017

    I hope they repurpose the games into Innoventions at EPCOT. That would be kind of fun :)
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