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  1. The_CEO

    Disney to start Furloughs April 19th

    My brother works for the resorts and has been working since the parks closed maintaining properties. He is part of a union and will find out soon what his future holds.
  2. The_CEO

    Enlightenment Please: What is a Lifestyler?

    Exactly, seeing a few glimpses with people mingling, it was a "lifestyler" convention. I mean most had pictures of each drink and food offered.. $$$$ :D
  3. The_CEO

    Enlightenment Please: What is a Lifestyler?

    Sure, start a YouTube channel with a quirky name related to Disney and visit the parks with a video camera. Every time you notice a change in a dirtpile or renovation, film it! In fact, make long videos and monetize them on YouTube and you'll hit 100k subscribers in no time! :-)
  4. The_CEO

    I thought you especially would appreciate a little link towards my project I have been working...

    I thought you especially would appreciate a little link towards my project I have been working on Mr. yeti.. :) We have a functional 3d Yeti in our "No Limits 2 " simulation.. Joe would be proud.. :) CEO
  5. The_CEO

    Hogwarts Express: E Ticket?

    They have already confirmed that they will have Universal strollers on each side so you would drop off the one your using and get one at the other side. :) No inconvenience at all! Any family that comes to Orlando will either commit to visiting both parks or non at all. It's actually a...
  6. The_CEO

    7DMT Animatronics

    Am I the only one who chuckled with delight to see Sleepy's beard floating from his breathing? Haha, that was really well thought of. I seriously CAN'T wait to see a HD POV of this attraction. As for the, substantial, track reduction. I honestly see perhaps WDI presenting this project with A...
  7. The_CEO

    Walt Disney World theme park parking fees set to rise tomorrow

    Right in inline with the whole " charge now , pay later" motto.
  8. The_CEO

    Walt Disney World theme park parking fees set to rise tomorrow

    Disney seems to be doing their best to make ALL Disney destinations an exclusive resort for the rich or moderately wealthy. Just solidifies why I can not afford to give the Disney experience to my child in the near future. I use to go to Disney SO much when I was younger with my family. Not sure...
  9. The_CEO

    You're the New CEO of Disney: What Project Do You Greenlight?

    Ticket prices would be dropped by $20 a day. More emphasis on gaining that $20 per day/per person back on upcharges. More privledges ABOVE what is already there with the FP+.
  10. The_CEO

    First Person: FastPass+ as an Annual Passholder

    Thanks for the review, I has wondered how this would work out for AP members. Glad it seemed like smooth sailing!
  11. The_CEO

    Expedition Everest Recreation - Check it out!

    This is absolutely amazing, I stumbled upon this online the other day and it really looks like they have gone ALL out and recreated the whole experience! I wanted to share some photos with you all because I KNOW you would appreciate it! From what I hear they will release it coming early next...
  12. The_CEO

    Expedition Everest Train Question

    Alright everyone! I have a serious question in hopes of a serious answer. I am working on a project and am in need of dimensions. Does anyone know the dimensions of the an Expedition Everest coaster train? Not the entire ride vehicle, but the three tiered vehicle that are connected together. So...
  13. The_CEO

    Must Do WDW Dining

    This is defiantly a must try at Epcot. Not too sure why someone would think it's over-rated, I don't know what they are comparing it too.. I love their different breads they serve as an "appetizer". Your waiter or waitress will explain that each bread has a different resemblance of certain parts...
  14. The_CEO

    Trip Report Mom, when will the bus get here? The kids’ first visit to Walt Disney World.

    Great trip report so far! I can't wait to see more! :)
  15. The_CEO

    "Rapid Fill" Mugs Coming to Walt Disney World Hotels

    We would bring our mugs every time we went to disney and would fill em up at the Contemporary! Love the photo!
  16. The_CEO

    $28.99 For A Dessert!

    You're on disney property. Need I say more? :) Yes that is a lot of money but you're paying for the "experience".
  17. The_CEO

    Who's Afraid of the Big Bad...Spring Break Crowds?

    Great trip report. Enjoyed seeing those treats in the windows!
  18. The_CEO

    Should I have complained to Mgr??????

    I'm honestly surprised she didn't parade you around the house. :)
  19. The_CEO

    Middle Earth theme park at Universal

    So this seems to be a 8 to 10 year time frame until complete. I would be very surprised if this actually gets greenlit.
  20. The_CEO

    Disney Slogans you'll never see

    "Grab Your Ankles" CELEBRATION!
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