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  1. Horizons38

    Time for a visit

    We love the last week of October, you can go to the "Mickey's very scary Halloween Party " at the MK , and it happens to fall at the time of the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot ( each country has a sampling of food and wines at a minimal cost ) it is very good , normally the crowds are not too...
  2. Horizons38

    I'm going to grad school!!!

    Great news Vince !:sohappy: They are all wonderful , hope you get in your favorite ! My best friend got her law degree from Villanova , most of our friends went to Penn and Lasalle and our cousin went to St-Jo's, Temple is a great one too ! Very cool Vince , we are very glad for you :sohappy:
  3. Horizons38

    WDWMagic has been Freaky for a year!

    Sorry Gary ! Happy Anniversary to you too ! :) :wave:
  4. Horizons38

    WDWMagic has been Freaky for a year!

    Happy Anniversary Freak ! :D You're a great guy ! :)
  5. Horizons38

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Thank you very much Tramp ! Happy Valentine's day to you too !:) Freak you are scaring me :eek:
  6. Horizons38

    PRO Valentines Day!

    To My Hubby : After knowing you for 17 years Being married for 13 , i am more in love with you everyday ! Through the good and bad ( mostly good!) We are each others best friends and lovers , you are my soulmate ! Happy Valentines Day ! :) ( even though he will not see this...
  7. Horizons38

    Word Association

  8. Horizons38

    Whats your favorite Slogan/Speech

    " Stitch, my name is Stitch...Welcome to my Ohana ! " ... OOPS ! That's not a ride yet :lol: Can we have one please Disney Exec ?
  9. Horizons38

    Word Association

  10. Horizons38

    annual pass and other dicounts

    You're welcome , Thanks Pam !
  11. Horizons38

    annual pass and other dicounts

    Does anyone else have a scanner and could post it ? It would take me all day to list all that stuff ! I am sure someone else here has their Monitor and can post it ? Thanks in advance ! :)
  12. Horizons38

    annual pass and other dicounts

    I have mine , got it two days ago, i do not have a scanner though ! Here are the current Passholder Discount : From 2/17/03 til 4/09/03 AKL $ 174 a night tax not included. code : CCQ . It also says others resorts and room types available at varying rates. Aren't these offers on...
  13. Horizons38

    Favorite Romantic Movie

    I can't believe none of us remembered "Love Story " ! I loved that movie too :)
  14. Horizons38

    12 February 2003 Site Update: Project Gemini

    #1 - Yes i have, my whole family's favorite ride at WDW is SE ! 2- I am not angry, just hoping that it wont happen and disappointed if it does, and yes i will still go but it wont be the same:( 3- There are not only kids and senior citizens that cannot go on those types rides, you would...
  15. Horizons38

    Favorite Romantic Movie

    Excuse me Mister !!! My Shadowy girl IS a very good girl ! She only goes on dates with very good mannered and well bred doggies :) As for Rajah why would you call her a chunky mutt ? I am sure she would have something to say about that :D BTW My girl is not like that either ...:)
  16. Horizons38

    Price gouging

    My sister in Montreal pays 2.78 CDN , here we pay 1.84 for premium :(
  17. Horizons38

    Wdw Food Raves!

    Very good news ! I tried them all except for Victoria and Albert ( waited until the last minute on our last trip ) and the Flying Fish (haven't tried yet).
  18. Horizons38

    Whats your favorite shop on Main Street???

    I enjoy Main Street Gallery a lot, looking at all the art (wanting to buy most of it :lol: ) Of course the candy store is a very good place :)
  19. Horizons38

    Favorite Romantic Movie

    Yes ! That is so cute Freak :) I love that scene, Shadow agrees too :D ( there is a cute Golden retriever down my street called Sam that she has her eye on :animwink: )
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