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  1. pluto77

    News Bob Iger talks about attendance declines, ticket pricing, the feud with Ron DeSantis, and his huge optimism for Disney Parks and Resorts

    I wonder how much longer that will last once Epic Universe opens. They have to entice people to stay longer when there isn’t as much to do once you get past 3-4 days (that’s not meant to be a dis on Universal at all, just a fact with 2 parks vs 4 not counting the water parks). Whereas, people...
  2. pluto77

    Dinoland USA = Terra Nova?

    That was definitely a great show that didn’t deserve to be canceled after just one season. However, I don’t think it’s something they’d be able to justify making into a land unless they somehow revived it and it became super popular. They’d be better off making a land based off of that idea but...
  3. pluto77

    News Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

    He also just asked literally a week ago “Does the state want us to invest more, employ more people and pay more taxes or not?" And now jobs are being cancelled in Florida and an investment is being lost. I know one doesn’t have to do with the other, but it’s the narrative that can be sold. I...
  4. pluto77

    News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom

    In the end it’s just a train that many other theme parks also have, so I wouldn’t set up unrealistic expectations. 😂 It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s nostalgic and a good way to “tour” the park. And it’s a nice way to take a little brake from the hustle and bustle of the day. I’ll also say...
  5. pluto77

    Catering to the Uber Rich

    Good point. Anyone who is attracted to this is going to be a Disney super-fan. Even if there is a group that “wins” a trip, they’ll likely be in good company and have a lot to talk about.
  6. pluto77

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    I don’t mean anything by it. I was just asking the question. I just said “if” because they haven’t actually said that the price will be variable (yet), but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. I was just wondering why they wouldn’t be changing it at Disneyland for the same reason.
  7. pluto77

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    If they are doing it so they can change prices based on the day, it’s interesting that this update is only for Disney World. It sounds like you’ll still be able to add it to your tickets at Disneyland (they specified on the Disney Parks blog that it won’t affect Disneyland guests). Or does the...
  8. pluto77

    Why I Will Definitely Go Again

    I also don’t remember a time of everyone being able to afford to go. The only reason I went growing up is because I had an aunt that would save up her money for years to take us on trips. I won’t deny that the price is most likely higher now compared to average middle class income, but there...
  9. pluto77

    What is the worst thing about WDW currently?

    I voted for costs, but I actually would change my vote to other and say park reservations. If Genie+ is supposed to create more “spontaneity,” which is one reason they used for implementing Genie+, then having to make a park reservation is more than cancelling that out.
  10. pluto77

    Bob Chapek's response to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill

    Or… the people who want to erase gay people from their kids’ lives can home school or enroll them in a private school, since, you know, gay people exist in the real world (and not only in adults only areas!). Their teacher may even be married to someone of the same sex! Oh the horror! 😱 So are...
  11. pluto77

    You're going to pay to ride.

    Honestly, how are the Lightning Lanes at Disney any different? If the other parks let people with express passes walk right on, as you say, then the people in the other line are “standing by” for them, are they not? Maybe they don’t have a name for it, but it’s really the same idea. It’s the...
  12. pluto77

    You're going to pay to ride.

    I’m confused on why you are calling the Lightning Lane at Disney the “normal line,” but you aren’t using the same logic for the express lines at Universal and Six Flags. Sure, the systems are set up and priced differently, but the intent of the lines are the same. Both parks have the “stand by”...
  13. pluto77

    News Southwest and Walt Disney World Resort unveil 50th anniversary aircraft

    Me too. I love Southwest. There are literally no extra fees. 2 free checked bags. There’s no charge for changing your flight. No charge for cancelling (even with the “wanna get away” you can cancel last minute and still get airline credit). No fees for seats, unless you want to be first to...
  14. pluto77

    Too much money and not worth it..

    The price of food is high, but honestly, as someone else has mentioned, it’s not really any higher than most other theme parks and other special activities. Some places I even find to be even more expensive than Disney. Our local theatre district, for example, charges $5 for 1 20 oz bottle. I...
  15. pluto77

    What to collect, now?

    That’s basically what I do with pins. I get one for the year, special event (if there is one that I don’t already have), resort pin (if staying at a new resort), and ride/attraction/park pins. Basically things that will remind me of the park, and maybe some day I’ll have different sets of pins...
  16. pluto77

    2 Resort Rooms

    Hi, I have a question about reserving 2 hotel rooms because I, personally, haven’t planned a trip with more than 4 people (I’ve been on trips with a large family, but someone else did the planning, and it was before fastpass+ and everything). We have 6 adults and 2 kids. We looked at renting DVC...
  17. pluto77

    How can you ride the monorail for free?

    Other than trying to park at one of the resorts, I think parking at Disney Springs and taking a bus to one of the monorail resorts would probably be the best option. Then if you wanted to ride the long monorail ride to Epcot you could just transfer at the tranprtation and ticket center.
  18. pluto77

    Highest Paid Cast Member

    It’s not just a rumor, she is one of two characters that get hazard pay. The other one is Ariel in Fantasmic! After the boat with all of the characters go by, all of them have to run to one side of the boat for shelter from the fireworks. They don’t have time to move Ariel though, so the other...
  19. pluto77

    Do you think you would be a Disney fan if your first time was recently?

    That’s a very hard question to answer, but I think I would be. You have to take into consideration everything else that shaped your view of Disney. I mean, I went for my first time at 8 years old, so if I was 8 years old today going to the parks, then I wouldn’t know or expect anything...
  20. pluto77

    If you had 3 Fast passes for each park-Name your picks

    MK: 7 Dwarves, Space Mountain, Peter Pan (always long line and not worth a long wait IMO, but still worth doing every trip). Epcot: Frozen (rope drop Soarin’, and single riders line can be used at Test Track if possible), Spaceship Earth, and the rest of tier II’s are toss ups HS: I haven’t...
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