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    Disney Park Music

    Hi guys!!! I just have a random question to make if you dont mind. I was wondering if some of the music found in the disney theme parks inspired music for video games? As a big gamer, I am curious because disney's music is just so good. I also heard that space mountain inspired the music...
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    Inside WDW new space mountain 11/10/09

    Disney-Nautifan Space Mountain by far looks very impressive and wonderful, BUT.... the interactive queing area is SO ugly and arcade-like, it makes me throw up!! :mad: hoping that the star tunnel music is still there, and not to beeps and boops of a horrible video game arcade (YUK!!) where...
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    Space Mountain/Tomorrowland Transit Authority update...

    Disney-Nautifan In my opinion, the lime green added to the classic blues and greys of Tomorrowland is so ugly! :mad: I just hope that they are actually building a cool futuristic fountain outisde, and not a planter or benches. what do you guys think?
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    If you could buy any ride vehicle or park staple.....

    Disney-Nautilus I would build a large oriental water garden with a beautiful Nautilus submarine from the 20'000 Leagues Under The Sea ride sitting submerged in the lagoon. Waterfalls and colourful exotic plants would decorate around the sub. Beautiful.... :cry:
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    Which WDW park do you think needs a DCA-style makeover the most?

    Disney-Nautifan I believe that the theme park that needs the biggest makeover is Epcot. I say this because its attractions, although good, are losing there whole imaginativeness and glimpse of the future, which is what the purpose of Epcot was. I mean look at Mission: Space, that is just a...
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    Mystic Manor

    Disney-Nautifan Hello, Mystic Manor is going to be Hong Kong Disneyland's version of the Haunted Mansion. It is said that it will be based on the story of Tower of Terror at Tokyo Disneysea, with an eccentric explorer who collects mysterious evil artfacts for display in his flamboyant...
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    Space Mountain

    Disney-Nautifan When did the red noses dissappear from the rocket cars in Space Mountain? Any information will be greatly appreciated :)
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    Space Mountain

    Hello there, I have recently been thinking, and I was wondering if anyone of you guys can help answer this question on space mountain please? The original rocket cars I think had red noses and were white. But today, the cars are grey and have no red nose. Can you guys help verify this...
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    Star Tours II in 3D for 2011 CONFIRMED

    Disney-Nautifan Hello there, Star Tours II looks and sounds wonderful. But I believe that they probably got rid of the speedbikers in the film as the concept maybe was'nt practical or was not particularly favoured with the imagineers so they used the tatoonine racers instead. In my opinion...
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    What would you do for the 40th anniversary of WDW???

    Disney-Nautifan If I was to take lead of the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, this is what I will probably do: Give Cinderella Castle a simple but beautiful overlay. This would have a huge silver hidden mickey with the number 40 placed on the front, with the turrents painted...
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    Disneyland Hates Walt Disney World

    Hello there, Recently, I have had a thought, and it has surprised and puzzled me a bit. I believe I have good reasons as to why I say that Disneyland hates Walt Disney World!!!! Captain EO is returning to Disneyland, while it is NOT going to at Epcot. Disneyland has had its submarines...
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    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Disney-Nautifan I'm sorry about my anger about Disney :(....
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    Space Mountain starting test and adjust

    Disney-Nautifan I believe it is possible that major changes have been done to Space Mountain. Otherwise, why would disney even close the ride for several months just to redone the ride system. Surely more must be done... In terms of cosmetically changing space mountain, I think they should go...
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    Space Mountain starting test and adjust

    Disney-Nautifan "sigh" with all these news about no sigificent changes to space mountain is so far leaving me utterly dissapointed... :( for crying out loud disney, use your head, and stop doing things on the cheap!! you have LOTS of money, use it properly on YOUR IMAGINATION, NOT YOUR...
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    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Disney-Nautifan I know some of you may like to see the princesses, but what about 17 year olds like me for example? I just don't want to always ride rolercoasters (BORING) and such like expedition everest, but I need a brilliant disney attraction that will amaze me and my imagination...
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    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Disney-Nautifan I am sorry SirGoofy of speaking that way. I feel so ridiculous :( Anyway, I believe that the new fantasyland will be good. Just hope that it will be as wonderful and magical as they say. Wish 20'000 leagues was back though... :cry:
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    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Disney-Nautifan I totally agree with you. Nowadays disney theme parks are only aimed towards little girls with their disney princesses and meet and greets in huge castles and forests! But what about all the other age ranges that visit disney theme parks? Isn,t that what the whole idea of...
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    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Disney-Nautifan This New Fantasyland will probably be good anyway, but I am so worried that they will eventually change the concept plans before it is built, or shrink the vast size of the place to save money!!! that is what proabably disney will do. You just wait and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
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    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Disney-Nautifan I am sorry that I got angry, but in a way don't you get bored of the disney characters constantly popping up all the time like? Even the pixar charaters are getting SO annoying (stitch go home!!!) :mad: But I just reallymiss the unqiue non-disney character attrations in the...
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