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    Craziest thing happened during Guardians pre-show on Saturday..

    I hate that funnel choke point on this ride as well as Haunted Mansion and Runaway Railway - gives me so much anxiety. But not enough to force open doors in order to get ahead of everyone! :rolleyes:
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    signature brunch or breakfast

    Depends on what kind of memorable you're looking for. For characters and good food, I'd recommend either the "Good morning with Goofy & pals" breakfast over at the Four Seasons (certain days only) or Topolino's Terrace. For purely delicious food and great service, I adore brunch at Wine Bar...
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    Favorite dish at Yak and Yeti (Dinner)

    I'd say that the Ahi Tuna Nachos (under shareables) are a do not miss kind of item. Must order every time for us and SO good. Huge portion.
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    Hollywood Brown Derby vs Sci-Fi Dine In Theater

    They're so different, it's difficult to compare. Sci-Fi is definitely over-the-top and very well done theming and not something you'll find anywhere else. As others have said, you're likely to be sat two by two in rows in the cars - so depending on your party size that can be awkward (there...
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    Disney Legend Dick Nunis has passed at 91

    If you haven't yet had the chance to read his book, Walt's Apprentice: Keeping the Disney Dream Alive, I highly recommend it. Full of great stories. I was lucky enough to meet him briefly earlier this year and hear a couple of the stories from him directly. Truly incredible career with quite...
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    Best Burger?

    As others have said, good burgers in the parks are hard to come by, which is a shame. Agree that the kobe burger at Yak and Yeti would be my pick. Sci Fi is decent. Brown Derby used to have a great one for lunch only but it's been off the menu for a while. Outside the parks, agree with Geyser...
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    Thanksgiving Meal at Disney

    For comparison, Homecomin' in Disney Springs offered a limited amount of to-go meals also feeding 4 for $200. Complete with smoked turkey, sides, and 4 slices of Hummingbird Cake - place your order online and we’ll meet you right at your car for easy pickup from Disney Springs. We even...
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    News Disney Jollywood Nights - Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Season ticketed event

    It was reported to be sold out. I saw some speculating that the media guests at the first party were above and beyond the typical "sell out" capacity. No idea if true, or maybe enough people just decided based on the reviews that they were going to cancel or just not come ... either way, it...
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    News Disney Jollywood Nights - Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Season ticketed event

    I went last night and was pleasantly surprised. My expectations were pretty low based on reviews of the first party. We were already in the park and there was no line to check in at Launch Bay ~7:20. Didn't see any ridiculously long lines all night -- longest were probably for the shows...
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    Which character breakfast do you like better?

    I truly enjoy both, so can't go wrong. I give the edge to Four Seasons with the buffet (Topolino's used to let you order multiple entrees but recently put an end to that). Plus, the resort is gorgeous and fun to explore. I've had great character interaction at both spots but slightly more...
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    Breakfast All Day?

    The closest thing I can think of is the bacon & eggs appetizer at Steakhouse 71 - Maple-lacquered Pork Belly, Smoked Cheese Grits, Perfect Egg - $15. I'd imagine you could order a double portion for dinner, if you wanted to.
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    Hollywood Studios table service or leave the park

    I love Brown Derby but, certainly, if menus don't appeal, definitely worth seeking out alternatives. Not clear what meal (lunch or dinner) you're thinking about. A lot of the spots at the Swan, Dolphin, Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach are dinner only -- but a few gems for lunch - Beaches & Cream, The...
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    News Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya to open in EPCOT this summer

    I've been. We enjoyed it. The only non-sushi things we had were the karaage chicken (pretty big portion) and the wagyu gyoza (3 beef dumplings) and I'd recommend both. Side note, they do have silverware available - you just may need to ask for it. The skewers could be an option, or the...
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    Candlelight processional packages

    Last year the announcement came out on Disney Parks blog on 9/26 and booking went live on 10/6. I saw in a different forum that someone pointed out that the page for '23 dining packages has gone live -- just can't book anything yet. Hopefully we're getting close! It's one of my favorite...
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    News Soarin' Over California returning to EPCOT for a limited time

    Fantastic news! I'm curious, has anyone associated with Imagineering ever formally or informally addressed the distortions in the World film if you're not sitting in the center? Did they decide it wasn't a big deal? Did it catch them by surprise and it was too late to change?
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    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    I thought for sure they'd put an Aladdin-themed character meal in there.
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    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    Perhaps a lot of rule followers, like me. But it doesn't seem to track area codes or zip codes. I read the guidelines the same way you do (FL residents only) but per Disney Food Blog it's "for anyone".
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    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    Great to have a spot to get out of the heat. Not many people knew about it last year. But I guess that doesn't bode so well for a replacement restaurant any time soon.
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    Highly themed resort restaurants?

    I wouldn't call them "highly" themed, per se, but Citricos has many subtle Mary Poppins references - including her umbrella and bag - and the Enchanted Rose lounge has a few Beauty and the Beast references. No real Disney theme but if you time with fireworks, dinner at Narcoossee's (Grand...
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    2023 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

    The wine store in France serves it now and I believe it's ~$45 for a 5 ounce pour. So that's the minimum and who knows, they can always raise prices! I can't imagine how they'll price the caviar.
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