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  1. cococola44

    Epcot Photos

  2. cococola44

    COP... tear down?

    I heard through a rumor mill that COP is being torn down at some point? I think I may be seriously crushed if it does... A serious refurbish or update, yes, but tear down? That classic? Walt just may roll around in his grave...
  3. cococola44

    Rides you always get stuck on

    Rides I always get stuck on... Small World and Pirates. Attractions I don't mind getting stuck on... Carousel of Progress and American Adventure. ;)
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    Epcot Photos

  5. cococola44

    Port Orleans French Quarter Pool Construction

    I can understand them wanting to or needing to change things up in the cooler months! I am just excited to see it all when ti is done. We loved staying there last year!
  6. cococola44

    Traditions that you no longer can do

    Yeah it is sorta expensive.
  7. cococola44

    With the Price Increases and Cuts, Are you Delaying your Visit?

    We want to go this year and hopefully we can move down to WDW area.
  8. cococola44

    Are these rides better in WDW or DL?

    TOT-WDW HM- WDW Pirates- DL rest-tie
  9. cococola44

    What Ride Would You Save?

    Thats a tie. .. The original Journey Into Your Imagination with DF :) And World of Motion.
  10. cococola44

    Traditions that you no longer can do

    So lets face it... many of us old-timer-WDW freakos have had traditions that you just HAD to do every time that you would go to the parks. I know it must pain you to talk about this.... BUT it must be talked about!!!! ;) The one that stands out to me the most that my family can no longer do is...
  11. cococola44

    What job would you apply for if you wanted to work for Disney?

    I would do what I did in 2005 which was work in Entertainment and go back to doing the Parades and the shows. I would work at Kona Cafe as a server, Ohanas as a server probably if I didn't get the chance to be a performer again.
  12. cococola44

    Figment is Now A Fail...

    I will love Figment forever and ever... and yes a lot of the attraction lost its charm (I feel) when Dream Founder was removed and the ride completely changed. How it is now, it is better than the first update that happened after Dream Finder. I think they should change some things up. I do...
  13. cococola44

    What Stitch's Great Escape COULD have been?

    I thought it was cute, but yes I only could see it once. IT was a great improvement from what was there before... The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Meh ... I would still smell that chilly dog smell for a while after. Ha! lol
  14. cococola44

    Autism and WDW

    Thank you everyone. :) Both of my boys have IEPs and I had that added to our magic bands. When we wanted to go on a ride, we went right up to the CM and got a return time for our family. My sons both have issues with waiting and have tendencies to have melt downs in some crowds. We brought...
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