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  1. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    Breaking the rules with a behind the scenes shot? Coming to you live from Epcot. Best camera I own, worst lens for a fireworks show. I only own a single lens for the Fuji GFX but it’s unreal, covers 95% of my real world needs.
  2. ddbowdoin

    Tripod Question...

    No issues this morning at MGM. It’s BUSY! New England February break, a whole slew of MA folks down here.
  3. ddbowdoin

    Tripod Question...

    Size shouldn't be an issue... I'm 5'7 and doesn't even come to my chin at its full extension.
  4. ddbowdoin

    Tripod Question...

    Thanks, definitely bringing the messenger style bag. My shoulder will pay the price but I need the added protection for the camera. Using the GFX 100s these days so can't mess around.
  5. ddbowdoin

    Tripod Question...

    This is how far it would extend.
  6. ddbowdoin

    Tripod Question...

    Not a rookie, know the rules and common decency issues... I do a lot of long exposure work and a tripod is coming. That isn't the question. The question: I don't really use photo backpacks so I'm either using a pelican case (as I am a pro) or a small shoulder messenger bag style bag. The...
  7. ddbowdoin

    Most Reliable and Trustworthy Points Rental Service?

    Appreciate any insight if there’s a consensus on the best, most reliable and trustworthy points rental service?
  8. ddbowdoin

    Firework Phone Rules rant

    One of the coolest experiences for us happened in DLP. 2018, roughly. We showed up pretty early for the fireworks show (forget the exact one in that era) and people were standing around waiting, once it got super close all of a sudden everyone sat down on the pavement, and not a single phone /...
  9. ddbowdoin

    Firework Phone Rules rant

    Especially because the footage captured on a phone at night BLOWS. You’ll never watch it again. Be present, enjoy the show, and go home and watch someone’s 4K video on YouTube. If you make the effort to bring a real camera and a smallish travel tabletop style tripod, respect… that footage, if...
  10. ddbowdoin

    With all the recent changes, have they impacted you wanting to go to Disney any time soon?

    My wife (then GF) and I took our deep dive into Disney at what we felt were the right time. Our experience in 2007-2013(ish) was built on childhood experiences that we individually loved but when we met each other combined into a super passion. In those years we were 3-4 a times a year which...
  11. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    4x5 Film - made with a US aerial spy plane lens from 1943
  12. ddbowdoin

    Snow White's Scary Adventures Park Comparison Must be weird living life looking for things to be offended by.
  13. ddbowdoin

    Snow White's Scary Adventures Park Comparison

    I keep reading the woke mob is ed about the “non consensual” kiss at the end. I feel like life in the last 5-7 years has been a giant Ashton Kutcher episode.
  14. ddbowdoin

    low light at WDW both photos and videos

    Disney security might wonder what this is.
  15. ddbowdoin

    Official Moving to Orlando Thread... aka, ASK THE LOCALS!

    Are there any high end private schools in the Orlando area?
  16. ddbowdoin

    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    This is such an interesting case. Over the summer it had my wife and I up every night for a week watching all the videos on YT related to the case. Amazing.
  17. ddbowdoin

    I’ve had enough of snow (and high taxes)...

    I miss the seasons until it’s 445 AM and I’m snow blowing in 12 degree weather with a windchill of -5.
  18. ddbowdoin

    I’ve had enough of snow (and high taxes)...

    I’ve seen what NH has become as a result of the exodus from MA.
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