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  1. The Empress Lilly

    News The future of Star Tours, Star Wars Launch Bay and Star Wars shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Yes, Iron Man is great! I am not into Marvel, I'm afraid that whole aspect is a bit lost on me. But for a superhero experience this attraction is surprisingly good. Just plain fun. A bit like the Iron Man movies then, which after a long delay I finally watched one day and which entertained me...
  2. The Empress Lilly

    News The future of Star Tours, Star Wars Launch Bay and Star Wars shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Hong Kong DL has a new-ish terrific Iron Man attraction, using the very ST technology, updated spmewhat. 50 years is a short time in theme parks.
  3. The Empress Lilly

    Craziest thing happened during Guardians pre-show on Saturday..

    People don't appreciate show. Anticipation followed by pay-off. Immersion, tension, being sucked into a world for a little while. What are they like between the sheets? Or the dinner table? They snatch their steak from the plate while the waiter is still holding it and stuff it whole into their...
  4. The Empress Lilly

    Kilimanjaro Safaris deserves more praise

    KS is the highest rated classic ride. All the higher scoring experiences are brand new, the past few years or so, except for RSR, which is still only 13 years old. Which makes me dream, what if they had build the Asian boat ride too... 🤔
  5. The Empress Lilly

    Kilimanjaro Safaris deserves more praise

    Well forty monkeys sitting in a self moving steel cage to watch that lion are not living the life of a chimpanzee either, yet here we are.
  6. The Empress Lilly

    Does Computer Central still function and exist at Epcot?

    Somewhere in the control booth in the top of the Mexican pyramid sits a college kid whispering "okay Alexa, dim the lights..."
  7. The Empress Lilly

    Kilimanjaro Safaris deserves more praise

    Sorry, I meant the tours. Africa Trek, Caring for Giants, that dinner. I'm not up to date on what's on offer right now that's visible from a ride vehicle, be it guests or infrastructure.
  8. The Empress Lilly

    What is your favorite WDWRR consist switch?

    That's so odd....I was about to post the exact same question! 😬
  9. The Empress Lilly

    How long do you think Carousel of Progress has left until its either updated or removed?

    The final scene should be brought back to Walt's era. Then it is Walt Disney's century of progress, his personal history intertwined with larger history. A road leading up to his dreams of Progress City, of EPCOT, where American industry can then showcase Pixar Pals and superhero coasters for...
  10. The Empress Lilly

    Kilimanjaro Safaris deserves more praise

    The Safari is perhaps not Disney's most impressive sttraction of all time - it's up against some pretty hefty competition. But it is a total F ticket and the essential experience of a superb park. Big, glorious and beautiful. I cherish the memory of the first time we pulled out of the forest...
  11. The Empress Lilly

    Love for imagination pavilion!!!

    It's bizarre to think the current Imagination's lifespan is at least 1.5 times the original. Yet all nostalgia, love and Figment cult status is based on the original ride. EPCOT, 12 years of being revered, 5 of being vilified and destroyed, followed by half a century of nostalgia and retro.
  12. The Empress Lilly

    First timer thoughts from Hong Kong Disneyland

    I adored HK DL. For me the intangibles did it, the feelings WDW once gave you. The quality of the CMs. The quality of the audience, who dress up for a Disney day rather than dress down as in the West. And who are a pleasure to be around, quiet when the setting demands it, joyous where it suits...
  13. The Empress Lilly

    News Voyage of the Little Mermaid Refurb

    Believe it or not, but this will bring me back to WDW! 🤗
  14. The Empress Lilly

    GNSOAT Poll: Epcot

    ^^^ The RoE astronaut looking back at Spaceship Earth With the exception of my DGF (a budding astronaut) and the people I love, and of hearing Bruce Springsteen, I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life than World Showcase during and after RoE. I've seen many of the older shows...
  15. The Empress Lilly

    SPOILERS: Indiana Jones 5: The Dial of Destiny

    Pretty much my take too. Crystal skull has too many side characters, falls apart near the end and I didn't need aliens in the IJ universe. But there was also fun to be had, the movie is better than it gets credit for. I loved the much maligned refrigerator scene. DoD is slightly better...
  16. The Empress Lilly

    ESPN Bet - Disney Enters Gambling

    I've got no moral objections to betting. By all means put a tenner on your favorite team. But invariably, like alcohol, betting brings about a certain harsh, adult atmosphere that doesn't mix well with Disney.
  17. The Empress Lilly

    Disneyland vs Islands of Adventure

    IoA is great. But personally I'd pick Disneyland over all non-Disney parks on the planet, combined. 😀 YMMV. It's not perfect, and I wish many a creative decision had gone another way, but Disneyland will forever be Walt's park, you just feel it when you walk there.
  18. The Empress Lilly

    News Country Bear Jamboree is getting new songs and acts

    I visit both Country&Western Disney shows and my local gay pride boat parade. I love both and am utterly baffled anyone should be offended by the entertainment offered by either one. People have gotten so weird nowadays. ☹️
  19. The Empress Lilly

    News Country Bear Jamboree is getting new songs and acts

    The MK had a really rather great 'AAs singing Disney songs' attraction already. The Mickey Mouse Revue. Bring it back from Tokyo and leave the Bears alone!
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