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  1. Ansem

    New Enhancements, Dining Options Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk

    My god this is so depressing to look at design-wise. I never thought staring at a room full of smushed chairs and blank walls could give me seasonal depression regardless of the time of year, but this sure did! (Which I guess is kind of magical in its own terrible way.)
  2. Ansem

    what ip needs a dark ride

    Encanto! I can just imagine how well the soundtrack + those magical, dust like effects and bright colors would translate gorgeously to a dark ride (or weather shifts, too).
  3. Ansem

    Is Victoria and Alberts ever coming back?

    The details in fixtures/wallpaper/etc are really well done, but the colors are making this feel really dated to me: there's next to no contrast or vibrancy, which is giving me some funeral/wedding vibes, and feels like a space for my grandmother or grandfather instead of something strictly...
  4. Ansem

    What do you consider the best and worst expansion/new land added to WDW in the 2010's?

    Love Pandora, and tbh I never cared about Avatar before I went (I still don't really, but the experience is completely different), which I think comes more from the complexity of the land and Flight of Passage than anything else: it's really beautiful and a structural marvel between floating...
  5. Ansem

    News Disney transforms Magic Kingdom's famous purple wall to celebrate PRIDE Month at Walt Disney World and will donate merch profits to support LGBTQIA+

    Yeah dude you should be happy about it, people who exist and are discriminated against in myriad facets, who suffer microaggressions on a sliding scale right into violence etc for existing and doing nothing harmful to another human being, deserve a moment of solidarity from people within and...
  6. Ansem

    Why do we need Mission: SPACE at this point?

    I really love this ride for the novelty of pseudo 'space flight' (and have fun memories of getting on with a bottle of still sealed coke, pulling it out of the bin and going immediately outside and opening it— only for there to be no fizz, no sound, nothing: the ride pulled all the carbonation...
  7. Ansem

    Phones and Live Streaming on Rides

    I record rides all the time for social media just to share the fun of being there, but I don’t talk while sharing that experience; in part because it’s rude and also because I actually think it detracts from the experience itself. I don’t understand how people could think it’s fine and that it...
  8. Ansem

    Show Stoppers

    Flight of Passage, definitely. We go pretty often, so I know it’s not the end of the world, but Animal Kingdom is my favorite park hands down and I’d be sad to not have such a big part of a smaller selection of attractions to go see.
  9. Ansem

    Hidden/ Unique Shop??

    As far as Sid Cahuenga's goes, I LOVE that shop! But does anyone know if he still appears there anymore? The last time I saw him was quite a few years ago...His impressions of famous stars were phenominal! :D
  10. Ansem

    What is the appeal of Animal Kingdom Lodge overall?

    I haven't stayed at AKL, so my viewpoint is just from having visited it twice during the past trips to WDW... It is very far from the action...My brother and I had to struggle to stay awake after a full day of fun and sun on a dark bus for an amount of time that seemed terribly long. However...
  11. Ansem

    Winners say 'no thanks' sometimes

    Very true, but you could say that just being in the park is 'entering' the contest...Which, yes you could avoid the parks, but the better way to handle it is to just refuse the prize allowing someone who wants it to win. :) And taking a cash prize option...I don't even want to imagine how much...
  12. Ansem

    Winners say 'no thanks' sometimes

    Well, let me just say that I completely understand that sometimes fate is pretty cruel...If you are on the last day of your trip, can't change flights, can't call in sick, etc etc...it happens to us all. The whole 'I don't want to have to move everything' is a problem I would never have, I'd...
  13. Ansem

    Food and Wine Festival

    It was extremely crowded the last time I went, but I believe I went on the weekend, so it's very possible that it was just the fri-sun crowds. Despite being lost in a vast sea of party-goers with just enough space between people to wiggle your way around epcot, it was a spectacular event! I had...
  14. Ansem

    Info about future timekeeper attraction

    I'm afraid of heights. :lookaroun I'll stick to the tracks! :dazzle: lol...
  15. Ansem

    Info about future timekeeper attraction

    Omg! That looks fantastic! I'm psyched already! :lol: I love the fact that it's set on the island, and the 2nd track seems to control movement like bumps, jumps, and everything exciting! Is it open yet? How about now? Now? how about.... :lol:
  16. Ansem

    Millionaire to be closed and Replaced w/ ride.

    I didn't care to much for Millionaire, but honestly I love Sounds dangerous, it's cute and fun...and i can't remember my trips to Disney ever being complete without it! It's a little bit of entertainment for everyone, and can't hurt to stay in MGM just a little bit longer. I'm all for MGM...
  17. Ansem

    Wii will start a Revolution

    Again, the titles you may prefer are different, I'm talking about mass sale games. I'm not refferring to preferences, personal or otherwise, I'm going on tried and true facts. UMD discs are selling VERY well, their variety of titles ranging from music videos to movies to full seasons of shows...
  18. Ansem

    Wii will start a Revolution

    it could, but I doubt it. Hand the kid a DDR pad, or better yet, put down the controller and go for a run everyday. I play games 9 hours a day and yet I still go to the gym and work. Swinging a sword with your forearms isn't going to give someone the excersize that is required in a day to stay...
  19. Ansem

    Wii will start a Revolution

    lol, seriously, stop making me laugh...:lol:
  20. Ansem

    Wii will start a Revolution

    A:I am just stating a fact that you won't get the same type of advanced games or popular titles that you would on an Xbox360 or PS3 by not spending a few hundred more...which is essentially less than a week of work on your paycheck. B: I'm aware that you play on your PC, I'm saying you...
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