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  1. GoofyFan1

    Any Jedi Masters out there want give advice on Jedi Training

    Use the Force!?! :D Wish I was young enough to join the Jedi.
  2. GoofyFan1

    If you didn't go to Disney

    Cape Cod, Virginia Beach...Someday Ireland/Scotland
  3. GoofyFan1

    Trip Report The Worst Week: A December 2013/January 2014 Trip Report! *COMPLETE*

    Fellow teacher and coach so my family is right there with you
  4. GoofyFan1

    Stinky Laundry

    If you don't have a shop vac, stuff them with newspaper and they will be dry by morning. My track and field kids swear by it and we coaches carry extra newspapers on the team bus for after the meet. Never have had a problem with wet shoes the next day. It also cuts down on the stink.
  5. GoofyFan1

    'The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend'

    2014 Tower of Terror Race now at 50% capacity.
  6. GoofyFan1

    Epcot Music

    I listen to these all the time as well. I can even do this in my office at school because they read as videos, not streaming music. If you want another source, I hope this isn't going against any rules, Sorcerer Radio. you can listen online or download the app for your iphone. I listen to...
  7. GoofyFan1

    'The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend'

    :)I'm in! Was supposed to run last year but my mom died and I had to drop. Looking forward to getting back for this race
  8. GoofyFan1

    What did you do?

    40 minutes on the treadmill...still pretty cold and icy up here.
  9. GoofyFan1

    Ever seen someone famous while at wdw?

    Johnny Depp at the House of Blues 2011.
  10. GoofyFan1

    Pirates Of The Carribean

    I haven't been to WDW since October 2012 for the ToT race. What mermaids and how long have they been there?
  11. GoofyFan1

    Good Luck

    Good luck to everyone headed to WDW for the Marathon Weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your race. See you in October for the ToT And the Marathon Weekend next year.
  12. GoofyFan1

    Was the American Adventure Gingerbread House put up in 2013?

    Thank you for answering the original question. I was looking on my iPhone and was sure I touched something and changes threads. Still not really smart enough for my smart phone.
  13. GoofyFan1

    2013 Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler Report

    Congratulations on your first Disney run. My first was in 2007, the Tower of Terror 13K and now I'm hooked. Good Luck in your future races.
  14. GoofyFan1

    I wish I was in WDW right now!

    I wish I was in WDW right now!
  15. GoofyFan1

    Roll call for MNSSHP

    Sept. 30
  16. GoofyFan1

    2012 Candlelight Processional narrators announced

    We would love to see Gary Sinise again.
  17. GoofyFan1

    What did you do?

    Just finished an 8 mile run!:sohappy:
  18. GoofyFan1

    Favourite Souvineer Candy.

    Mickey head coconut patties:slurp:
  19. GoofyFan1

    Get Your Seats Early to Watch "TOM BRADY" Riding down Main St USA!

    :sohappy:GO PATRIOTS!:sohappy:
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