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  1. Justin149

    Becoming an Imagineer...

    if you would like some information about getting involved in our industry, please feel free to PM.
  2. Justin149

    Mechanical Engr.'s

    you are right on... wdw engineering services generally involves making improvements and major fixes to exisitng attractions. THey also assist in the installation of new attractions as well.
  3. Justin149

    Mechanical Engr.'s

    Within the company they are looking for talented people, from draftsman to Engineers. Lots of technical people there do not have engineering degrees and are more construction and project managment based.
  4. Justin149

    Mechanical Engr.'s

    nearly immpossible. if you need some advice, let me know.
  5. Justin149

    Student --> Imagineer?

    three suggestions for all of you.. -make connections in the industry. we generally only hire whom we know. -be persistant and never give up. -become well rounded and talented at many different things. If anyone wants more advice getting into this difficult field... send me a PM
  6. Justin149

    Theme Park Engineering Internship Oppertunity

  7. Justin149

    McMonkey McBean

    i am sorry to say, but you are completly 100 percent incorrect. Trust me on this one.
  8. Justin149

    WDW Attraction Capacity

    just working on a side personal project. any answers?
  9. Justin149

    WDW Attraction Capacity

    Hey all!!! I am trying to find a fairly complete and confident source of Disney world attraction capacitys. I know wdwmagic lists capacitys for certain attractions, but i was wondering if there are any other sites or refernces i could look to find out such information. Thanks!!! Justin
  10. Justin149

    Amusement Park Engineering Internship Oppertunity

    Amusement Park Engineering Internship Oppertunity A very large amusement park (FLORIDA) company is looking for a engineering intern to work this summer. If you are interested, please email me at Jman25@msn.com for the details. Only serious candidates should apply. There is no relocation...
  11. Justin149

    i found a deal for a Free IPOD

    you guys are so cynical do a little research on something before you go ahead and trash it. I did some investigating, this company has a good rating with the better buisness beauru, further more i found countelss message board posts of people who actually got there IPOD, here is one example...
  12. Justin149

    i found a deal for a Free IPOD

    whys that, i dont see any reason to get upset about this thread??! Justin
  13. Justin149

    i found a deal for a Free IPOD

    hey all, on my continued browsing of the web i found this deal for a free IPOD. I looked into it and it is not a scam , they make money from the advertisers. Basicly, all you do is click this link: IPOD LINK Sign Up for a free account, then complete one of there offers, there is a...
  14. Justin149

    Where to live in orlando

    thanks all for your advice, ill post more when it gets closer to move time justin :lookaroun
  15. Justin149

    Where to live in orlando

    i am working at universal creative. which is on universal blvd. Thanks, Justin
  16. Justin149

    Where to live in orlando

    hey all, I am in the process of securing a job in orlando and was wondering where a good place to live is. Is the city of orlando safe or should i try some neighboring areas. I am 22 years old, moving from NJ/NY area. Please let me know. Thanks. Justin
  17. Justin149

    Walt Disney World Attraction Posters

    i have bought plenty on EBAY. Good deals. Just do a search for disneyland and posters or disneyworld and posters. Actually im looking for those disneyworld 25 years pendants that were hanging o the street signs. If anyone knows where they are please let me know. Thanks, Justin
  18. Justin149

    Mummy Commercials!

    i can guarentee that it is probably the most advanced ride ever made. Breathtaking.... Justin
  19. Justin149

    Test Track Preshow

    i have a very good quality video version of it. Personal copy, PM me if you want it. Justin
  20. Justin149

    Spoilers for Revenge of Mummy ride

    this is more correct sorry i can't say more justin
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