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  1. KimAnnFran

    News Unscheduled Rock ‘N’ Roller Closure

    My first ride on Rockin' RC I thought I was going to DIE. I am not really a coaster person....but both Space mountain and thunder mountain are not THAT bad so I figured, why not. Anyway, that being said, I would like to try it with "Pure Imagination."
  2. KimAnnFran

    Which Spaceship Earth?

    I've heard all versions but the very first before Kronkite......his stands! :D Miss those days.
  3. KimAnnFran

    The Proposals

    Exceedingly simple. HORIZONS RETURNS. No upgrades, exactly like it was, orange smell and all.
  4. KimAnnFran

    Which Spaceship Earth?

    Exactly, and I feel it might be losing that a bit. I went in 89. I won't forget it ever.....it honestly was a very impactful trip.
  5. KimAnnFran

    Which Spaceship Earth?

    Amazing times there.
  6. KimAnnFran

    Which Spaceship Earth?

    That's cool because most people like the Kingdom best. I always loved EPCOT (89-93 way)....and most of it is gone. One of my biggest disappointments at EPCOT was when WoM closed....that was the start of something not-so-good.
  7. KimAnnFran

    The Proposals

    Sequel to Sleeping Beauty please!!!! What's it like with her and the old prince over the years? What happens when they have their own kid?
  8. KimAnnFran

    Which Spaceship Earth?

    It was unexplainable. I will never forget it. I fell in love with EPCOT at that moment, and my love surpassed all the other parks and is still ahead by a little now....
  9. KimAnnFran

    The Proposals

    I hope it's not too late to join. I know this might be unpopular but I would like to see Peter Pan get an overhaul, but would not want to lose the floating above the town look, that's what is most appealing about it. Maybe a bit more updated, rather than the "glow in the dark stuff." But I...
  10. KimAnnFran

    What makes a ride repeatable?

    I like to repeat almost all of them.
  11. KimAnnFran

    Which Spaceship Earth?

    I might be alone in this or not in the majority, but I JUST LOVE the KRONKITE one, Tomorrow's Child and all, and before that, the way the top of the ball was exceedingly DARK so you felt like you were really outside and....that THEME playing. In this video, at 54:52 I will never forget that...
  12. KimAnnFran

    If you had to campout in one LWTL ambient scene, which one would it be?

    I love this question, by the way. The country Farmhouse one! Maybe the desert.
  13. KimAnnFran

    Entitled Manchild/Horrible Father Harasses Cast Member

    The entitlement in our country at this point . . .
  14. KimAnnFran

    What should NOT have been replaced?

    Horizons Great Movie Ride World of Motion "Tomorrow's child" Spaceship Earth Maelstrom The original Imagination Ride
  15. KimAnnFran

    What should NOT have been replaced?

    I totally agree, that would be one of my first choices.
  16. KimAnnFran

    Trip report after going to all the parks (8/16/20)

    So the hopper passes are not allowed?
  17. KimAnnFran

    Unpopular opinion: preshows kind of suck 90% of the time

    That's an unpopular opinion? with the exception of the voices of Liberty and the capture a smile Kodak one for captain EO I can't think of any of the pre shows that I like.... Whoops I forgot one more which is the original mosaic one for universe of energy
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