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  1. UpDog71

    Who Should Narrate New Spaceship Earth?

    Ty Burrell. Kidding. Charlize Theron would be my pick.
  2. UpDog71

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Are Cast Member 1-Day Hoppers permitted for entry, or are those blocked, too? That's a WHOLE BUNCHA people at 6:40am!
  3. UpDog71

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Many Bothans died to bring us this posting...
  4. UpDog71

    Flamingo Crossing Retail Center

    You're right! It's "...THAN shopping centers." ;)
  5. UpDog71

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    You're just drawing death stars...I can see it there...clever!
  6. UpDog71

    News Expose reveals WDC control in online fan community

    I just want to know if WDW1974 (aka Michael Snyder) is as sexy as his continued arrogance frequently portrayed. He always made comments as how WDI fanbois would be all over him if they could...
  7. UpDog71

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    What I want to know id where can I download an induction loop recording or source audio MP3 of DJ-R3X's full set inside Oga's Cantina?
  8. UpDog71

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    Having been on this attraction 3 times in one day, I came away falling in love with its charm. I did notice the floors, but they didn't bother me. In fact, I think part of the reason the floors are visible is that most of the projection from the kitchen scenes are bright and white, and that...
  9. UpDog71

    Chef Rick Bayless to open Frontera Cocina at Disney Springs

    I don't know why they didn't do this during the initial construction. It's always been a great patio with a great view, but not facing west in the Florida afternoon sun. Actually, one of the best views of "the springs" in the whole development!
  10. UpDog71

    Was DS ever to get an Apple Store?

    Apple Store and Shake Shack were both on the "vision board".
  11. UpDog71

    WDW to Build New North Entrance to Property

    The county meeting to discuss opening with Reedy Creek was supposed to occur in April, but they ran out of time for the topic at the meeting. It's been pushed to the next meeting in June. I'd tentatively anticipate an opening in early July.
  12. UpDog71

    World Drive North Stormwater Facility

    Seems to be a giant solar Mickey head is nearby...
  13. UpDog71

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Is it me, or is this looking like a mirror image version of Shanghai? I'd expect the gravity building to be on the right, but here it looks like it will be on the left of the load/unload building. Amiright?
  14. UpDog71

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    Which was the original plan (from what I understand), just closer to the Germany pavilion. This whole thing sprang up out of the Riviera resort project.
  15. UpDog71

    Disney buys 1000 acres of land

    I feel like this has to do with a potential station that aligns with the Virgin Brightline Train. Maybe not on this newly purchased site, but offsetting to allow for station construction on the existing land.
  16. UpDog71

    Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill to open in the Town Center at Disney Springs

    Can't believe there's no bacon-wrapped meatloaf anymore...
  17. UpDog71

    Disney Announces New Nature Resort on Bay Lake

    The only large expense with a trip to a remote village in the middle of a third world mountain range is the flight. I think once there the low cost of living would balance out the higher cost of the flight making the budget for the trip more than manageable. Joe's knowledge and expertise is...
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