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  1. foxfire

    avatar test

    avatar test
  2. foxfire

    The Final Kungaloosh

    The Final Kungaloosh Written September 26, 2008 On the eve of Pleasure Island’s final night, as I sit here at my computer wistfully listening to Oh I Lobster but Never Flounder, a warm smile comes to my face. I’m contemplating the thought of Walt Disney World without Pleasure Island, and...
  3. foxfire

    EpcotServo's Sep. 9th STUDIOS Update: Someday at the Studios

    SS is okay, I saw it during previews. I'd say "meh"
  4. foxfire

    I have a question???

    Do you mean the California Grill? If so, it's another restaurant, and guests dining there can watch Wishes from their balcony. They play the music from the show through speakers on the balcony so it can be heard.
  5. foxfire

    When will Peter Pan get rehabbed!?

    I was a CM on the ride back in 2004 and, yes, it needs work. I was told by my trainer that, if an e-stop is done, that there's a chance it wouldn't restart w/o the maintenance team. Fortunately, after doing 3 e-stops that day, it started just fine.
  6. foxfire

    Wand Update: 7/20

    Yay for pics! This is almost as good as Harry Potter!
  7. foxfire

    It's official: Wand is GONE !!!!

    Hey hat, you're next... :lookaroun
  8. foxfire

    Adventurer's Club songs

    I have some of the songs on CD, if there's one in particular you're looking for let me know =) Yes, the list is quite extensive. Which show(s) are you referring to? There are many throughout the evening.
  9. foxfire

    You will never complain about your resort again!

    Lovely hotels. Not as scary as the experience I had at the Sheraton Safari though... There were 6 of us in the room after a long day in the parks. I woke up at 5:30 to come face to face w/ someone who had broken into the room (I think they were given/had a key b/c there wasn't any forced...
  10. foxfire

    Rumor no more(well...kinda) WAND COMING DOWN!!

    (looks up Bravo Sierra)...yeah, I have little faith in Monorail pilots' "inside information". Of course, they could replace the wand with a giant mickey hat on sse.... :lookaroun
  11. foxfire

    What Walt Disney World Used To Look Like

    Here's another great site: http://aatvideo.com/lostepcot/
  12. foxfire

    Doing ALL of WDW?

    I used to live 5 min away (right behind PI) and went to the parks daily. I did everything that was open (that I was interested in). As far as eating "around the world"...there are some places that I'm not interested in. The same goes for recreational activities.
  13. foxfire

    Best Restaurant for 21st Birthday

    Pleasure Island is always a good bet. Dinner-wise, California Grill is a nice place.
  14. foxfire

    House of Innoventions products

    Does anyone have a listing of the products in the House of Innoventions? I'm looking for the company that makes the stove that keeps the food cold until it's time to cook it. Thanks!
  15. foxfire

    WDW Picture of the Day

    Taken on my recent trip - March 07. (Hosted on my Flickr account).
  16. foxfire

    Old PI Mascot?

    He had a name before I was old enough to go to the Island. MT was from McDonald's.
  17. foxfire

    Old PI Mascot?

    What was the name of the moon/mascot for PI?
  18. foxfire

    Contest: Disney Dream Job for a Day

    My top 3 are 3. JC Skipper 2. Sing with VoL or Vybe 1. Wander around DACS with permission to push all the buttons at will :drevil:
  19. foxfire

    MK Cheese Sauce Update & Photos of Castle Paint Job

    Probably for the next big celebration...although I get a feeling they'll go with lime green.
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