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  1. WaltsTreasureChest

    Michael Eisner's Legacy

    Eisner wouldn’t have anything bad to say about iger today. Didn’t he compliment Chapek a year ago?
  2. WaltsTreasureChest

    Hollywood Strikes Are Over! - SAG-AFTRA agrees to a deal

    I know, I love that Martin short interview! He’s not only extremely funny but a great interviewer. Probably one of the best and last few late night greats to do it. Conan’s shorts and bits have become extremely popular during and post Covid. I’m still glad that he’s able to continue his work in...
  3. WaltsTreasureChest

    Hollywood Strikes Are Over! - SAG-AFTRA agrees to a deal

    You really should’ve been there. But YouTube is great for that. Conan has so many bits, and “Remotes” that feature his past bits and interviews. Really great stuff. And I LOVE Sona too. She’s still works with him on his podcast. Really recommend a listen if you’re free
  4. WaltsTreasureChest

    Hollywood Strikes Are Over! - SAG-AFTRA agrees to a deal

    Couldnt stand Leno. Not after what he did to Conan.
  5. WaltsTreasureChest

    Whatever happened to Disney Big Figs?

    Whatever happened to those? I rarely see them now and it feels like the Art of Disney stores look pretty empty without them. Would love to buy new pieces…
  6. WaltsTreasureChest

    Once Upon A Studio

    No no of course, I’m still on topic I just wanted to say that I’m glad to see this Mickey back again. Was tired of the new iteration
  7. WaltsTreasureChest

    Once Upon A Studio

    In my opinion, I just feel like his version of Mickey is way too aggressive and very looney. Paul’s version is very much inspired by Ren and Stimpy, and I LOVE Ren and Stimpy but it doesn’t work when you mix Disney characters in that style. At least for me
  8. WaltsTreasureChest

    Once Upon A Studio

    Ah I love seeing classic Mickey. Better than that abomination new Mickey
  9. WaltsTreasureChest

    Returning to old concepts, the end of (a little bit of) hubris?

    I think journey into imagination will soon get that classic reimagining. Will probably bring back dreamfinder
  10. WaltsTreasureChest

    working out for Disney

    Remember to eat your veggies
  11. WaltsTreasureChest

    Michael Eisner's Legacy

    We didn’t know how good we had it with Eisner. He wasn’t perfect but still
  12. WaltsTreasureChest

    Michael Eisner's Legacy

    Age is just a numba!! 🤪🤪
  13. WaltsTreasureChest

    Worst Opening Day Attraction Still Open Today

    They should retheme it to Moana
  14. WaltsTreasureChest

    Open Imagineeringland!

  15. WaltsTreasureChest

    What famous person could narrate Spaceship Earth as well as Jeremy Irons?

  16. WaltsTreasureChest

    Michael Eisner's Legacy

    But we at least got Animal Kingdom in 1998 which was 7 years before he left. Even though we didn’t get Beastly Kingdom, I’m glad he was able to expand the Disneyworld resort as far as he did.
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