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  1. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    News Roger E. Broggie overhaul

    Nonono. That’s strictly for Anaheim.
  2. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Where in The World?

    I love it when forum posters quote the classics
  3. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Top of the World Reopening Soon

    after i select Profile, then Membership and passes, I see a list of my current and old membership numbers. None of them open anything further. How do I get to this screen?
  4. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I doubt a train would run while construction is going on. The lawyers would go ballisti.
  5. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Genie+ and Rope Drop Possible?

    If you want to do rope drop, you need to be on the buses well before 7. Can you work Genie+ from the bus, or do you need to do it from the hotel? Staying at SSR next week.
  6. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Adding Genie+ in advance

    I wish MDE could express this as clearly as you just did. I just booked mine. Thank you!
  7. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    When It Rains

    Here is what we do NOT do: We do not leave the park and take transportation. Much of the system shuts down by policy (i.e., boats). The rest is overwhelmed. The buses are overcrowded because everyone has the same idea. The folks above provide a LONG list of better things to do. I would...
  8. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Service at Saratoga

    We just completed four days at the World, and buses aside, were impressed with the level of service at Saratoga Springs. On the way to a park, I reported two minor defects in our bathroom. When we returned after lunch, two maintenance men were working on it, and resolved them that afternoon...
  9. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Rise of Resistance How to have app auto select entire party?

    Yesterday I never saw a button, or it was gone shortly after 7. I cannot be sure, because I am also learning what devices work on property. Samsung J3(2016) does not. Ipads work from the room on wifi, when the room wifi works. Halfway through a four day stay, all I know is that my phones do...
  10. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Saratoga Springs Bus Change

    Buses are traveling through Saratoga Springs using the hotel name in the destination sign. Apparently, we missed our bus labeled like this instead of our destination. When we asked a bus driver about this, he explained that we are supposed to ask each driver with such a sign where the bus is...
  11. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    How to Contact the Front Desk

    Last month there were notices on MDE that Chat was not available. Today, I have not seen those notices, but I do not see it offered. CORRECTION: After I logged out, a CHAT NOW button appeared on my screen. I did not try it, so I don’t know whether it is automated.
  12. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Do we still have celebrations?

    Thank you. When I have LOTS of time, I will get on a phone queue, but I don’t expect much.
  13. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Do we still have celebrations?

    We used to add information on celebrations to our reservations. Is that over? In MDE, I cannot find where to enter occasions to celebrate.
  14. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Early Admission to Parks?

    I cannot find something I read about WDW Hotel guests being admitted a half hour early to the parks. Is it policy, or speculation?
  15. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Saratoga Springs Bridge reconstruction

    Any word on when this reopens?
  16. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Hollywood Studios photos

    The Starting above Donald and going clockwise, I guess Sonya Henie, Kate Hepburn, Joe E. Brown, and Tallulah Bankhead.
  17. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    WDW Railroad Photos

    Why not? Flood away!
  18. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    News Tomorrowland love

    Sorry if this has been covered. Is the winged white structure on top of Stich an air conditione? Does it have a cover story?
  19. BuzzLIghtYear2010


    i am amazed at what some people can get out of a camera. Inspiring
  20. BuzzLIghtYear2010

    Ride to Vero Beach

    Thank you for clearing that up. We are considering driving on our next trip to see other things in the South, and a friend recommended that resort.
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