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  1. 180º

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    B-mode is the moving forward and backward you describe. In A-mode, the vehicles would move forward, then halt while the guns sliced in between them. There wasn’t much room for the RVs to move around when the guns slid forward. The back-and-forth maneuver added for B-mode is probably intended to...
  2. 180º

    Tiana's Bayou Adventure: Disneyland Watch & Discussion

    The correct answer. I would amend to say that, rather than dense, the park’s beignets are dry and papery. Jazz Kitchen’s are the real deal.
  3. 180º

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    Maybe Florida should have committed to 1) not destroying Spectro Magic and 2) taking better care of Electrical Parade.
  4. 180º

    Spaceship in Spaceship Earth

    Anyone care to explain what we’re looking at around 4:42 in this video? Is this part of the Spaceship?
  5. 180º

    News Reimagined Toontown coming

    I’m talking about how the machine sprays glowing green fluid just off to the left as you approach, then it cuts off right before aiming at you. I think when you’re staring down the nozzle there’s supposed to be a glowing light as if the dip is welling up, but I’m not sure if that effect is working.
  6. 180º

    News Reimagined Toontown coming

    The DIP hose practical effect is back and looking better than ever?! That’s awesome!
  7. 180º

    Indiana Jones Adventure refurbishment

    This little theatrical cheat thankfully isn’t noticeable at all on the ride, so that’s good! Just another in the grand dark ride tradition of “Seinfeld’s Apartments.” Other examples that come to mind are Florida Mansion’s exterior windows switching sides of the ride path in the first few scenes...
  8. 180º

    Indiana Jones Adventure refurbishment

    I don’t think the boulder scene actually breaks that often, it’s just that it doesn’t reset in time for every vehicle…? I’m not expecting it to perform any more consistently tomorrow than it has in the last almost-30 years.
  9. 180º

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    To my ear it sounds like it was replaced with “Think of the happiest thought.”
  10. 180º

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    Where’s the RoE callback in World of Color One? I watched the show and I heard the line “We Are One” sung at the end. If anything that’s a callback to Rivers of Light, but more likely just a reference to the theme of World of Color One.
  11. 180º

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    Definitely not. Since the day I saw that plan for the first time I’ve been counting my lucky stars it didn’t happen. Sends a chill up my spine. I have no beef with Journey of Water other than it’s messing up the symmetry of Future World. I wonder if they could have built a “colonnade” of sorts...
  12. 180º

    Small New Addition to Haunted Mansion (Spoiler!)

    Tbh, Haunted Mansion’s own existing elements could use the attention. How is Leota’s face so out of alignment when in Florida she’s looked perfect for decades?
  13. 180º

    Tiana's Bayou Adventure: Disneyland Watch & Discussion

    True, Disneyland’s Splash is quicker, but it does cover about the same ground that Florida’s does. I can’t exactly vouch for the sources of this but Wikipedia lists the length of Disneyland’s Splash as 2,640 feet and Florida’s at a hair shorter, 2,600 feet. I think you’re right about the...
  14. 180º

    News Space Mountain exterior refurbishment - January 2023

    Perfect, as long as they do it twice a day and remember to floss between the spires.
  15. 180º

    News Space Mountain exterior refurbishment - January 2023

    They sure have their work cut out for them. Are we in for another five years-long Tomorrowland project? 😜
  16. 180º

    The Return of E.P. Ripley

    The locomotive, not the person. Apparently it’s been out of service since before the re-route in 2018 and needed upgrades? LMG Vids caught it testing!
  17. 180º

    News 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom

    This is me learning the Empress Lilly was never a functioning boat. Here I was, thinking it had chugged up and down the Sassagoula River once upon a time. D’oh!
  18. 180º

    News 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom

    I wasn’t going to say anything because I agree that turning the Liberty Belle into a restaurant is laughably impractical. But if we’re getting really technical, isn’t Paddlefish—in all fairness and despite decades of mangling—what remains of the Empress Lilly?
  19. 180º

    Rumor Disney 100: Great Moments with Uncle Walt to Replace Mr. Lincoln

    If you think that’s funny, then I’ve got something hilarious to show you https://disneyaddicts.com/disneyland-history-whats-so-special-about-a-park-bench-275812/
  20. 180º

    Rumor Disney 100: Great Moments with Uncle Walt to Replace Mr. Lincoln

    Thanks for the article! Sounds…not bad? I understand there are a million bad ways to do a Walt AA, but I have to believe there are enough good ways to go about it that I’m not wringing my hands over the idea.
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