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  1. hokies37

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    “We’re going to have two iconic signature attractions ...” Not that we didn't suspect it, but Trowbridge seems to confirm Star Tours won't be a part of SWE proper.
  2. hokies37

    Guide to DLR for WDW Veterans!

    Thanks to all for your great advice in this thread. You answered a lot of the questions I already had! A little bit of background info: 2 adults and we only have 1 day (I know, I know! But we're only adding a weekend onto a work trip). We are planning to visit on Sunday, May 29 (Memorial Day...
  3. hokies37

    FP+ for MVMCP?

    Heading down for MVMCP in November and we DON'T have MK admission during the day. Can I make FP+ for the 4-7 window without the daily admission?
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