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  1. AJFireman

    News Disneyland Resort casting for performers to portray multiple roles from Disney-Pixar’s Turning Red

    Ding Ding Ding .. You are correct. More Specifically part of a Pixar Parade at DCA Still looks like the role of Joe Gardner has not been filled as its still currently open.
  2. AJFireman

    News New Haunted Mansion Grounds Expansion, Retail Shop Coming to Disneyland Resort in 2024

    I am pretty sure its not the same people doing construction that are removing the overlay so they could remove the overlay at its normal time in January ready for when it reopens. It would not be done within a couple of months of each other.
  3. AJFireman

    News 2024 Disneyland Resort Event Calendar

    I don't think Disneyland has ever announced all the Events for the year with dates like this before. Usually its Season by Season making it hard to plan for something in advance.
  4. AJFireman

    News 2024 Disneyland Resort Event Calendar

    "When the new attraction Tiana’s Bayou Adventure debuts at Disneyland park later in 2024, you’ll get to embark on a musical journey inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Princess and the Frog.”"
  5. AJFireman

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    From Todays Disney Parks Blog: Beginning May 24, the nighttime spectacular “Fantasmic!” will once again illuminate the Rivers of America in Disneyland park, featuring new special effects, a thrilling new battle scene between Sorcerer Mickey and Maleficent, plus the return of the iconic “Peter...
  6. AJFireman

    runDisney returns to Disneyland in 2024

    Disneyland / DCA are not open for business as all races are out of the parks by opening. There was no viewing inside the park on Main Street/ Buena Vista Street for the 5k/10k. You could purchase a viewing package for the Half Marathon that also came with some Merchandise to watch the race on...
  7. AJFireman

    So Cal Resident Ticket 2024

    Each situation is different and how you visit especially with parking and discounts with a Magic Key. But the cheapest Magic Key that has July and August access is 1249. So if you only go once a month that would be quite the jump from about 600 dollars for 6 visist (No blockouts) once a month...
  8. AJFireman

    So Cal Resident Ticket 2024

    Exactly . 2023 dates January 2 to May 25, 2023 and June 12 to Sept 28, 2023. 2024 dates January 2 to Jun 2, 2024.... That is 9 months this year plus you get to visit during the holiday celebrations Halloween started September 1 and Christmas Ends January 7th. My visits have dwindled to...
  9. AJFireman

    So Cal Resident Ticket 2024

    Not sure if you saw because I didnt originally you can pay 50 dollars more and it allows you 7 days a week access. Special Southern California Resident Tickets at a Glance 3-Day, 1-Park Per Day Ticket for admission Monday through Thursday only – $225 ($75 per day) 3-Day, 1-Park Per Day Ticket...
  10. AJFireman

    The Downtown Disney Thread

    It was announced back in early Oct https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2023/10/4-new-dining-options-revealed-for-new-parkside-market-more-coming-to-downtown-disney-district/
  11. AJFireman

    News Disneyland Magic Key Program

    Received the email for the Class Action Settlement Notice and website for more information CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT NOTICE IF YOU PURCHASED A DREAM KEY ANNUAL PASS TO THE DISNEYLAND RESORT, YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A PAYMENT FROM...
  12. AJFireman

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Schedule sent to associates only not posted on the app for today 09/28. It seems to be the same everyday Camp Snoopy Slider Show @ Gauntlet 10:30 pm The Witching Hour @ Gauntlet 9:15 / 11:15 Ghost Town Rope Drop 7pm Mission Row Funeral Procession 8:45 / 11:45 Walter Knott Theatre Terrace Blind...
  13. AJFireman

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    I was referring to Prop Shop Pizza close to the bumper cars. The Seating area there is pretty big and surrounded by a fence so you could be further to the back. I had Spookghetti Pie (spaghetti baked in alfredo sauce and topped with mozzarella, sausage, and bacon bits served over Bolognese...
  14. AJFireman

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Fiesta Village is not a designated Scare Zone this year so there are no Monsters assigned to that area. Also by Grimoire and the River Rapids generally you will not see Monsters between the restrooms and the train tracks. There is a quick service restaurant with tables or you can go to places...
  15. AJFireman

    Avengers Campus: E-Watch! (Waiting on the new ride)

    I was on Marvel Insider collecting points for no reason and there is a high resolution image of this. The "balding man" is a person with a headband looking forward. https://cdn.marvel.com/content/1x/dlr_avengers_campus.jpg
  16. AJFireman

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Are you refering to to the Jazz Band?? They play on the terrace for the street atmosphere below.
  17. AJFireman

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Bloodlines has no guns this year. Just walked through. I like the something different but all the action takes away from admiring the set design. It was different having sunlight inside. Skylights are uncovered.
  18. AJFireman

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Grimoire was doing its preshow at last nights rehearsal event. The line seemed to be moving . They posted a 60 minute wait time but it was actually only 20 minutes. It seemed to be that way at several mazes so maybe they just dont have the wait times figured out yet
  19. AJFireman

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    I went to their Technical Dress Rehearsal last night even though it was not a full show with all the elements it still got me excited for this year. The new mazes design team did a great job. The talent did a great job. I will be there tomorrow for opening and boo-fet. I ended up buying the...
  20. AJFireman


    In the statement posted today referencing Disneyland. The SEC filing is linked there also with more info claiming they have 1000s of acres worldwide to build on. "“We have a wealth of untapped stories to bring to life across our business,” said D’Amaro. “Frozen, one of the most successful and...
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