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  1. AndyS2992

    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    As a stand alone resort it would look fine, shoved right next to the Polynesian however looks horrible 🙄 They keep building more and more hotel rooms yet they aren't expanding the parks to match and attendance is on a downward swing, doesn't seem like they've thought any of this out.
  2. AndyS2992

    Disney's Slow Death?

    I'm sure they'll turn themselves around eventually but seems the company doesn't know what it's doing. Poor leadership, no clear vision for the future, it doesn't seem to understand the market it's targeting, they're too busy pandering to the 'woke' crowd and ticking boxes rather than creating...
  3. AndyS2992

    Suggestion for return of Walt Disney

    People seem to forget that 'Walt Disney' made an appearance at Magic Kingdom's 'Share a Dream Come True' parade that ran from 2001 to 2008, originally part of the Walt Disney's 100th Birthday celebration. So Walt has appeared as a 'character' before in the parks. He's not as sacred as people...
  4. AndyS2992

    Tim Burton Is Against The Nightmare Before Christmas Getting Sequels or Reboot

    Fine by me, it's a good movie, doesn't need any retooling or sequels, though I do find it super over hyped for what it is.
  5. AndyS2992

    Wish (Walt Disney Animation - November 2023)

    Was just thinking about going to see it and looking at my local cinema's website and seat charts over the next few days, every showing is virtually empty. Surprising to see Disney's big 100 anniversary movie tank like this. Strange World was atrocious and now seeing the awful reviews for this...
  6. AndyS2992

    Best indoor roller coaster in Orlando?

    Guardians. Nothing else even comes close.
  7. AndyS2992

    is there a chance that the Magical Express will come back?

    Almost certainly, but they didn’t drop the price when they stopped it or for those that didn’t use it
  8. AndyS2992

    is there a chance that the Magical Express will come back?

    I can't see it returning but I can see them partnering with the Mears Connect service and offering it as a paid extra option when booking a package when booking direct with Disney but that's about it.
  9. AndyS2992

    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    A nice little addition though I feel it should have gone in Disneyland's, where it was intended.
  10. AndyS2992

    News Black Friday offer on tickets to Drawn to Life presented by Cirque du Soleil and Disney

    Honestly just end the show if it’s struggling this bad. They frequently give away free tickets to this with UK packages and even then a lot of people don’t use them or give them away. I haven’t really heard anything positive about it either, being a huge downgrade to La Nouba, which is a shame.
  11. AndyS2992

    Redoing the seats in MuppetVision

    With a show constantly squirting water, bubbles and having sweaty backs on them, with all that moisture, no wonder the cloth was moldy. They should have been vinyl from the start.
  12. AndyS2992

    Redoing the seats in MuppetVision

    Nice, probably should have put in new carpet at the same time since the chairs were pulled up but whatever, doesn't seem to be in bad condition. I still think the show needs replacing with a new one, Muppets themed or otherwise.
  13. AndyS2992

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    In every country outside the US, Hulu content is on Disney+ under it's 'Star' banner so yeah, it would be wise for Disney to close Hulu and absorb it all in to Disney+.
  14. AndyS2992

    Why did they add the final scene in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?

    It's just a moral lesson that if you behave badly, you go to hell lol Much like in most Disney movies, if you act like a villain, you'll get killed at the end as punishment.
  15. AndyS2992

    Allstar Movies to Wilderness Lodge

    With waiting around for buses and actual travel time, about an hour in total.
  16. AndyS2992

    Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade may soon be reduced to one performance daily

    This parade needs to go, it's so worn out and tired and was destroyed by Covid cuts, missing ground dancers, characters and floats. It's sad especially when Disneyland has had their full parade back for a while.
  17. AndyS2992

    Disney Enchantment fireworks returning to Magic Kingdom in 2024

    Two firework shows in one night seems excessive, not only hugely costly but also not exactly environmentally friendly which is funny given Disney supposedly cares so much about being eco friendly (lol). Plus it seems to me Disney fans don't know what they want. People couldn't wait for...
  18. AndyS2992

    Ride Photo Concept

    Me 😂 UK tickets come with Memory Maker included for free and I certainly make the most of it. But no, I wouldn't pay for them if it wasn't. We know where the cameras are and like to do silly poses.
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