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  1. David

    Lenox Lover

    My wife likes to collect the Lenox "boxes" which will have the figurine on top and opens where you can place small items. Every trip we have to stop by to go shopping.
  2. David

    Disney Employee For A Day

    Singing tenor with the Dapper Dans. After they have finished a set, I try to get with them to sing a song or a tag and it is always a blast. Our trip next month is an anniversary trip, so I'm hoping to sing "Always" or "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to my DW.
  3. David

    Why does everyone hate SGE?

    Because I hate the character.
  4. David

    Disney music SiriusXM Station??

    We've got a new vehicle that has SiriusXM Radio in it. As we did not have this before, I never read any threads concerning a station that played Disney Park music. Is there one available that does that?
  5. David

    Does anyone know or have a link to determine the amount of miles you walk in a park?

    Great exercise--then I offset it by the Dole Whips, Mickey ice cream bars, etc.!
  6. David

    Feeling guilty about "just us" trip

    I discussed the trip with our son yesterday and he never hesitated with his approval of us going. It was almost TOO quick! Wonder if he wants us out of town....hmmm......... Anyway, looks like we will book a trip for the end of October, first week of november. Might even take in MNSSHP...
  7. David

    WDW Sound Files

    There are a lot of places online that you can find the files, but sometimes you have to submit a request and it may play an hour or so later. If you want to find some and listen to them more quickly, you can do a search on youtube for Disneyland or Disney World background music, ride audio...
  8. David

    Feeling guilty about "just us" trip

    I appreciate your situation since we're going through this together. A couple of old softie dads!
  9. David

    Feeling guilty about "just us" trip

    We have always carried our son on our Disney trips. In May, as part of his high school graduation, we carried his girlfriend along with us to Disneyland. Now DW and I are considering a trip with just the two of us and I admit, I feel a little guilty about it. He has said before he would have...
  10. David

    First Look at A Completed Home In Golden Oak!

    Do they acccept Disney VISA cards?
  11. David


    Ours avre VERY similar to yours. We don't always go to DTD, but MK is always our first (and last) park and Casey's is our first stop.
  12. David

    Tell me about March

    We were there a couple of years ago at Christmas. I don't think ANY crowd level can top what we saw then---and survived!
  13. David

    Tell me about March

    My DW and I are considering a trip down the first week in March. We've never gone that time of year and I was wondering if going that early we would experienece any of the beginnings of Spring Break crowds. What is the weather usually like? Any pros or cons for that time of year?
  14. David

    Spliting the stay between WDW and US

    We have not been to Universal since TWWOHP opened and for our next trip plan on staying there a couple of days. Since we fly down, we normally take a shuttle park over of US for the day, then return to our resort at night. But to take advantage of the perks for guests who stay onsite, we will...
  15. David

    Just how bad is it between christmas and New Years

    A couple of years ago we had our first trip down that week, arriving Christmas evening and staying through the 2nd. I wish I were at my home PC to post a picture at the studios. It was literally shoulder to shoulder, body to body. And would I do that ever again? You betcha. It's Disney...
  16. David

    How many miles away do you live from Disney World

    1.5 hours by plane 607.85 miles by car I'll take the plane
  17. David

    Early reviews for TLM ride?

    Opening day we stood in line over an hour, partly due to the fact that the ride stopped running for about 20 minutes. I had seen some local news coverage of the ride and I was worried becuase I did not see anything that really excited me, but I thought they may be witholding fotage of "wow"...
  18. David

    Need advice re Atlanta Hartsfield

    We will be flying Delta. And thanks to all of you who offered help and advice. I'm sure I am worrying about nothing, but with the way the world can be sometimes.........
  19. David

    Need advice re Atlanta Hartsfield

    From the top, this is not a WDW question, as we are going to DLR, but using Atlanta Harstfield and needed advice from frequent user of that airport, and I will probably have better luck posting here than the DLR section. Here is the situation: 10 of us are flying from Birmingham to Anaheim...
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