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  1. CraftyFox

    Who is Von Ginger?

    Spoilers ahead for this year’s Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay. Has anyone seen the new gingerbread house for this year? They keep mentioning a character named Von Ginger in the promotional materials? Does anyone know where this came from?
  2. CraftyFox

    News New Haunted Mansion Grounds Expansion, Retail Shop Coming to Disneyland Resort in 2024

    Does anyone remember that piece of concept art of a dilapidated greenhouse being added to the DL queue switchbacks from the 80’s(?). I believe it’s from one of the Jason Surrell books.
  3. CraftyFox

    News Haunted Mansion closing for short refurbishment in August 2023

    Was never a huge fan of the green look for the ghosts. It’s good to see the classic blue coming back, feels a bit more luminous!
  4. CraftyFox

    The Real Castle

    Not until I get my hands on it at least!
  5. CraftyFox

    News Tiana’s Palace Coming to Disneyland Later this Year

    While I agree that a smaller sign would better blend with the rest of NOS as it currently stands, there is actually a lot of historical precedent for a facade like the Tiana’s Palace we’re getting. Based off the technology and signage around the land, NOS is heavily based off the period from...
  6. CraftyFox

    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    There’s been an ongoing joke about there not being enough outlets in the attic for the Hatbox Ghost but that is unironically (sort of) what happened to the bat cage at the DL mansion.
  7. CraftyFox

    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    While I know that the “Leota Rule” wasn’t some hard and fast rule they followed during the ride’s initial development and construction, it’s always been implied that Leota isn’t “just another” apparition. Just looking at design theory, she is at the center of her own room where the riders face...
  8. CraftyFox

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    Going back to the topic of former Bay Area themed attractions, does anybody remember the San Francisco Dungeon? It was the first of the Dungeon attractions to be built in the US and was located beside Fisherman's Wharf. I think it was a lot of fun (although the accuracy of the historical facts...
  9. CraftyFox

    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    I believe this has been brought up earlier in the thread, but the more that comes out from insiders, the more it seems this placement was really the only option without making some serious infrastructure changes that would cost a pretty penny. I was previously under the assumption the area...
  10. CraftyFox

    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    Hey, one of Connie’s husbands is a Chinese according to the wedding certificate. She’s colorblind when it comes to murder! Nywayssss. One of the reservations I have for the new placement of the Hatbox Ghost is just how close he’s going to be to the Doombuggies this early into the ride. Unless...
  11. CraftyFox

    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    On the side of the track opposite of where Connie is today.
  12. CraftyFox

    Haunted Mansion

    So it seems the Eric Wintering Studio build the ghost costumes for the film. They've provided some behind the scenes looks at the bride(s) costumes. It seems there are two different brides in the film as there are two different costumes and actresses(?). We know the second one is canonically...
  13. CraftyFox

    Halloween Horror Nights 2023

    I'm surprised how correct the fan theories for this year's house lineup were! Usually they're only like 50% correct.
  14. CraftyFox

    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    I know the “no ghosts before Leota” was never a hard and fast rule when the attraction was originally built but I feel like a full apparition this early in the attraction would throw off the tonal buildup? I guess we have the shadow on the music room floor but the room itself is so dark I’ve...
  15. CraftyFox

    Haunted Mansion

    Just got back from the theater! I was really hoping that this movie would surprise me in some way. Unfortunately it was exactly what I expected. I don't think it was a bad movie in any way just not amazing. Without spoiling anything it somehow felt simultaneously like it was too long but also...
  16. CraftyFox

    Male Cast Member Costumes

    Totally! World Showcase and Voices of Liberty are definitely examples of costumes with a stronger focus on recreating folk and historical costuming. However, as a costumer, I see the vast majority of Magic Kingdom costumes as more “Ye Olde Timey” than, say, mid-Edwardian. For instance, the...
  17. CraftyFox

    Male Cast Member Costumes

    Earlier in this thread some comments were made about the historical accuracy of the new dress code, which strikes me as odd because Disney has never really made a significant attempt to approximate a particular era of fashion history in any meaningful way with the cast member costumes. The one...
  18. CraftyFox

    Haunted Mansion

    Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer. However, as someone with a background in theater costuming and production design, I couldn't help but notice a few things (complaining ahead). (finicky rant over)! I'll try to save any further judgements until the movie is actually released.
  19. CraftyFox

    Miscellaneous Tokyo Thoughts

    I found a ride through video that includes the Story Beyond additions if anyone is interested:
  20. CraftyFox

    "When Was That Worn?" - Fashion History in the Haunted Mansion

    When Was That Worn: The Ballroom Dancers - The Gents It's been almost a full year since the last time I did this! Time sure flies fast, doesn't it? Let's continue our look at the ballroom dancers by dating the gent's outfits. Before we begin, I'm just gonna quickly point out that men's costume...
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