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  1. Dwarful

    FP+ @ 60 days out

    is it still at midnight FL. time or did it change? I have been out of the loop working on our Disneyland trip.
  2. Dwarful

    Disney After Hours Event

    This seems like the old eride nights at a HUGE mark up. I remember loving the eride nights - still have the old bands in scrapbooks, but we paid $12 each...then I think they went up to $15. Lots of characters meeting kids without lines, great photo ops and no lines. But the most we paid was...
  3. Dwarful

    What's your strategy?

    If you are going on a morning emh then I would do 7dmt first. say the park opens at 8 am for emhs. You could get fantasyland done during that first hour 8 -9. if your 7dmt fp is 9 -10 you have that whole hour to ride other rides and then hit the fp ride a bit before 10. then go over and do...
  4. Dwarful

    MK On Christmas Day

    we were there Christmas Eve this year and Christmas day in Epcot. Christmas Eve at MK we were at the gates by 6:20 AM for the 7 AM emhs. We were able to get a lot done in the first two hours 7 - 9 . We hit big rides, meet and greets, and then got the 4th fps, etc. I used Touring Plans for our...
  5. Dwarful

    Frozen Sing A Long Fast Pass

    we did it Dec. 26th and did a later in the day, early evening show and had no problems with our group of 10.
  6. Dwarful

    What's your strategy?

    no, we had to go to the kiosks. The ones by Philharmagic were a nightmare...so we hit the ones by Jungle Cruise and near Buzz. They seemed to have the shortest wait times. Sometimes the one by the restrooms in Frontierland were short, other times line out to the street area.
  7. Dwarful

    What's your strategy?

    July won't be as bad as it is right now. We were able to get FPs for 7DMT for our whole group of 10 on three different days at MK. We also went straight to 7dmt on one day and jumped in line because we had never walked through the line and the kids wanted to see it. We were able to ride 7DMT...
  8. Dwarful

    What's your strategy?

    Yes. exactly...even on Dec. 24th in MK which was crazy. We also did this in Epcot on the 25th. We were able to add a few things with no waiting after using the first three early in the morning.
  9. Dwarful

    7day ultimate ticket fastpass problem!!

    when did they change this? We just returned on the 28th upgraded our 9 day hoppers to APs and were able to book fps for all 10 days before we left IL.
  10. Dwarful

    What's your strategy?

    we were at wdw Dec. 18 - 28th. Our craziest day was Christmas Eve in MK. We arrived at 620 AM for 7 AM emh (we got ALOT done in those first two hours)! Our first fastpass was 8 -9, then 9:05- 10:05 and then 10:05 - 11:05. We hit the first FP at 8:55 and then hit some more attractions until...
  11. Dwarful

    Splitting bill with credits and cash?

    That is when most of our reservations are this trip...although some are late dinners. It's just how it worked with a last minute trip. I figure we will do some shows to get off our feet around lunch time. Plus late lunches = later dinners without crowds at the quick service.
  12. Dwarful

    Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Holiday Minnie Ensemble

    If you are going to be touring the parks all day I'd bring a comfortable pair of shoes for her. the 'cutesy ones' aren't always the comfy ones needed for the parks...at least thats what our girls always told us. lol
  13. Dwarful

    Splitting bill with credits and cash?

    The old dining plan was a value to the guest but its not coming back. We no longer do a sit down every day because to us the food is not the star of the show as it once was.
  14. Dwarful

    Star Wars dining question

    Thanks. I couldn't figure out what the woman was talking about. My husband just said she told him to hit the new Star Wars restaurant and I searched high and low for 'Star Wars Restaurant' and came up empty. I knew someone one here would have the answer.
  15. Dwarful

    Star Wars dining question

    We are going to WDW with family Dec. 18 for 10 days. My husband came home from work tonight and said he spoke to one of the ladies at his account who is a huge WDW fan. She told him there is a quick service location opening up at HS. I can't seem to find anything....probably really...
  16. Dwarful

    Splitting bill with credits and cash?

    You can tell them when you order that you want to pay cash for hers and use credit for yours.
  17. Dwarful

    Condition of the Tomorrowland Speedway

    I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. We do ride it every trip...well, it is there, we have time and none of the theme parks around us have this type of attraction. Well, Six Flags did have one but they cut it so much it is about half a football field loop.
  18. Dwarful

    Memory Maker has expired... Help!

    oh this is a nightmare situation....do tell any outcome good or bad?
  19. Dwarful

    IllumiNations POE screamers

    as soon I read this I could hear my entire classroom ask "Is a gerb a conjugated verb?" no idea why! long day and too close to break. lol
  20. Dwarful

    Xmas lights and Star Wars

    so where is some decent viewing for the fireworks? Thanks
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