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  1. wdwmomof3

    Dinoland next for updates? / What should be done?

    Just about anything would be an improvement from what it is today. Its the only section in all of the parks that I truly dislike. It looks cheap and uninteresting.
  2. wdwmomof3

    Talk my wife down from the ledge...

    We are taking our 20 month old grandson in June and after a weekend out of town this past weekend I can see how Dining could be a big issue. We only have 4 ADR's at the moment and I am leaving it at that. If you could get right in without a wait it may work but we all know that rarely happens...
  3. wdwmomof3

    Wyndham Bonnet Resort

    I sure hope so! My family has began to grown now with my first grand baby here so if everyone goes with us this is the best value and the most comfortable too. Since my husband is not a Disney Parks person who had rather hang out at the resort I really think this will be more comfortable for him...
  4. wdwmomof3

    Grumpy to Happy

    Well yes I do have a story. On our last vacation my husband was supposed to meet us for dinner at 1900 Park Fare however he got onto the wrong Monorail. We tracked him on Find my iPhone and he was circling Bay Lake. :rolleyes: After several text messages he finally got what we were saying and...
  5. wdwmomof3

    Wyndham Bonnet Resort

    We are staying here in June for 9 nights. We have a 2 bedroom reserved and I can't wait. After driving by it for several years and knowing how great it is we are giving it a try. It will be our first time staying off site but with 8 of us going plus a toddler I think the extra room with be worth it.
  6. wdwmomof3

    Bonnet Creek Resort

    I am so glad to read this. We stayed at Coronado Springs in Nov 2013 and we are returning to Disney this June, but we are staying at Bonnet Creek because there are more of us this time. I still have our Magic Banks, but I am just wondering if they will still work or should I order new ones? They...
  7. wdwmomof3

    FP+ only Toy Story Midway Mania

    I'm not gonna lie, the Fast Pass only test for TSM has me a little panicked. We went last Thanksgiving and I loved using Fast Pass Plus and really loved the Magic Bands. I didn't mind planning a few fast passes in advance but I also liked the freedom of waiting in line if we chose to. Hearing...
  8. wdwmomof3

    Opinions on Coronado Springs

    We stayed there the week of Thanksgiving and we loved it! I would suggest a preferred room.
  9. wdwmomof3

    Coronado Springs Info

    We just got back from staying there last week and we absolutely loved it!!!! We normally stay at Riverside but we moved to Coronado for my daughters cheer event and I am so glad that we did. My husband is not a big park person so he spends more time at the resort than us and he loved it too. The...
  10. wdwmomof3

    Which Moderate for you and why?

    Probably true. We stayed there several years ago when the kids were very small and we had a bad room location, which is part if the reason I feel the way I do. It was also before the rooms were redone. I feel that Coronado springs gets a bad rap because it's a convention resort, which is why...
  11. wdwmomof3

    Which Moderate for you and why?

    We have always loved Port Orleans Riverside, and I still really do, but last week we stayed at Coronado Springs for the first time and I fell in love with it. The rooms seemed a little bit bigger and I loved the decor. My husband loved having a desk in there instead if a table. We also loved the...
  12. wdwmomof3

    Eating in the bathroom

    Just last week at the Magic Kingdom my husband went to the bathroom and saw a man ON his cell phone while standing and using the bathroom at the urinal. The same man left the restroom without washing his hands. I think it made my husband a little sick to his stomach!
  13. wdwmomof3

    Would you try it?

    Update! We are home from an amazing trip and as hard as I tried to find a table for 4, I was unable to but we arrived early and I asked about changing us from 2 to 4 they said no problem. We were seating quickly and we had the best server and food that night. My husband had not been impressed...
  14. wdwmomof3

    Magic Kingdom at night

    We love all of the parks at night. Last week we left MK at 1:15 am and it was awesome. We closed Epcot and DHS too! The parks are beautiful at night.b
  15. wdwmomof3

    Vera Bradley (sigh)

    We were there last week and a CM told me that they wouldn't be getting any more in until the new pattern came out. Who really knows, but that's what she said to us.
  16. wdwmomof3

    The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train completed its first drop test today

    Any updates? I have 8 more days and I'm guessing we won't have a magical soft opening. :cry:
  17. wdwmomof3

    Definitely not my finest moment

    That is so funny to me! Bless his heart!:happy: We leave next Friday and last night I packed every different kind of medication I had here to take with us. I hope we don't need any of them!
  18. wdwmomof3

    Thanksgiving, Disney style!!

    We are leaving soon for thanksgiving week too and I really need to start packing. I guess I will pack everything I own! I can't stand to be cold so I'm praying for warm weather!:)
  19. wdwmomof3

    Is Thanksgiving Day Complete Insanity at the MK?

    I will soon find out. Normally I would have avoided MK that day and just gone to Epcot but my Dd will be in the parade for All American Cheer! I can tell you that with lots of families going to watch their girls in this, it will be crowded!
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