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    Muppets ride EPCOT's 'Journey into Imagination with Figment' in new video

    Funny because Dave Goelz is the voice of Figment and has always been the one and only Gonzo the Great
  2. K

    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    Good lord, that song is dreadful, imo. Wouldn’t necessarily hate Frozen being there if it were good. Obviously, Bobby & Kristin Anderson-Lopez were busy. Apologies to @MisterPenguin and others who love it.
  3. K

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    All of us in the Orlando TV news scene are in on keeping that stuff quiet. Not the first time something unexpected came through Mickey‘s Metal Donut. And yes. That’s the new official name. For the new show, they plan to weld on Mickey ears ala the power pole near Championsgate.
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    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    Welcome back to wdwmagic, Bunny. Excellent work, as always.
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    Epcot's 40th Anniversary

    Does ”at the time” mean it’s no longer lost?? I know it’s one of your holy grails.
  6. K

    Cultural Representatives Returning to EPCOT This Summer

    I'm kidding. 100%. Thrilled the international cast members are coming back where they belong
  7. K

    Cultural Representatives Returning to EPCOT This Summer

    Foreigners who will literally take jobs Americans have been doing for two years now. 🤣😂
  8. K

    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    Feel better!
  9. K

    News 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom October 1 2021

    Someone sent me that thinking it was real. For half a sec I thought it might be. Then I remembered Light Magic played a full summer season. I haven’t seen Enchantment yet, but I have seen Harm in person. as much as i hope Disney takes feedback into account and makes tweaks, it would be...
  10. K

    News New Club Cool opens Summer 2021 at EPCOT

    Very much smaller in terms of drink stations. Square footage is probably close. But just 6 drink stations. Ridiculous.
  11. K

    Hoop Dee Doo?

    Also -- the animation team on Lilo 100% modeled Nani & David's work on Luau Cove. I believe they used some of the fire dancers for live-action reference for David's act.
  12. K

    News Expose reveals WDC control in online fan community

    That’s mostly true, but when the A-E tickets were in place admission topped out at $8 (1980 just before 1-day passports replaced A-E) That would be about $25 in today’s dollars. The Most popular ticket book would be another $35 including the transportation ticket you mentioned. So $60/day In...
  13. K

    Orlando Becoming East Coast Headquarters for Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

    My understanding is it will be purpose-built for Disney. And it will be designed with expansion in mind.
  14. K

    News The Hall of Presidents opens in August with President Joe Biden

    Random tangental thought: As someone else alluded to, Taft would be more appropriate playing the Cousin Orville role. Now Grover Cleveland or Lyndon Johnson on a swing would be sublime.
  15. K

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Few people in history understood the psychology of color as well as John Hench.
  16. K

    Disney executives have come up with the answer to rock bottom Cast Member morale

    You’re coming across really cold and hard-lined on multiple fronts. Not sure if that’s your intent. A few points: Central Florida is largely a tourism-based economy. There has been some diversification in the past decade or so, but not as much as some would have you believe. Tens of thousands...
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