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    New Enhancements, Dining Options Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk

    This is awful, no self serve coffee... No theme. The downward trend continues. Been a DVC member since 2009, I cringe now when a refurb takes place. My expectations are very rarely exceeded anymore, the concept of Plus+ something has gone the wayside.
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    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    I am so nervous about this show. Based on what I have seen so far. So heavy on over saturated IP. Will see it in November, will avoid anymore spoilers. Hope I am surprised.
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    Boardwalks Seashore Sweets to close

    Glad (at this time) EPSN remains open. I like this location so much better then the larger ESPN zones. Was surprised how much different the food is between the club and the zones. Like the club much better. Also wondering if/when Atlantic will be refreshed.
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    An Overdue Update

    Do you think Disney is gearing up for Aquatica? http://www.aquaticabyseaworld.com/ Check the gallary out. Looks very impressive.
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    One Day-One Park ticket $71!!!

    It’s really about perspective. When I think about going to an amusement park I think $50 per ticket. When I see $71 I think way too much money. Then I start to compare it to other entertainment. Here are some examples. Sherly Crow\John Mayer - $66 Aerosmith\Motley Crue - $125...
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    Did you see that UNIVERSAL commercial?!?!?

    I joined DVC in 1999 and visit WDW every year. We went to Universal in 2002. Had a great time. Then the Mummy opened and went back again in December 2004. Stayed on-site this time and had an awesome time. I am so glad Universal is in Orlando it gives us additional options. People on some...
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    Sad news for MK

    This is one thing we ate every trip. I can't believe they stopped selling them. Here's a pic. Look at all the ice cream. And the size of that cookie. So tasty it was. :slurp: Do you think my wife will share. I see an extra plate. Sure hope so. Icesandwich.JPG
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    STOLPort resort rumor

    Last weeks Mousetunes podcast mentioned that Stoloport may be the next DVC resort. This resort would be a stop on the EPCOT monorail. Announcement would be in October. Not sure if true.
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    I have discovered postcsts... yippee!

    This site has most of the pod-casts. http://www.disneypodcastnet.com/ I specifically listen to all these Disney pod-casts. I find that each show has there own niche and not much overlap: The Trapped on Vacation Podcast - Great sound quality. Use headphones. Micecast - Adult humor...
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    Imagineering Field Guide Epcot now available for preorder

    Just pre-ordered Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot, The Walt Disney World Trivia Book Volume 2, Secrets of Disney's Glorious Gardens (Hope its not delayed again), and Disney's Legends of Imagineering and the Genesis of the Disney Theme Park. Its nice to see some new coffee table books.
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    Lights, Moteurs, Boredom

    Our host was terrible. Not very entertaining or funny. In fact we had a hard time understanding her. The show plot is not very original. The action sequences were just OK. Very little WOW factor and no surprises. Little repeat value. Not sure if I would see it again. While I didn't...
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    What would you show someone on their first never ever in WDW: Illuminations or Wishes

    Sounds like your going during Christmas. This should be a very easy decision if Illuminations has the Christmas tag at the end. I like the Christmas ending better then the show. Illuminations Christmas all the way!
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    Huge Rollercoasters?

    This Disney Monorail coaster is 13.6 miles in length and each train can hold 365 passengers. Its so fast that 150,000 passengers ride a day.
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    Will WoL open during the Living Seas rehab?

    Do you think there is a chance that WoL will open during the Living Seas rehab? I sure hope it does.
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    Huge Rollercoasters?

    In the past 3 years I have been to the following amusement parks. - King Island (8 + coasters) - Geauga Lake ( 10 coasters) - Knobels Grove ( 2 coasters) - Hershey Park ( 10 coasters) - Cedar Point (16 coasters) I only went to these parks for one reason ROLLER COASTERS!!!!! In the...
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    Swan vs. PO-Riverside

    Swan would be my choice! Many more dinning options. You can also walk to the Boardwalk. I have never stayed at the Swan but I visit there often while staying at the BWV. Even though the Swan is not run or owned by WDW I can feel the magic there. The best thing about PO-Riverside is the...
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    Emeril's (not sure if this is the right spot for this thread)

    We went to both last December. Tchoup Chop was awesome. Great unique atmosphere and food. Emeril's was average. Atmosphere was very bland.
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    Just Went on Soarin'

    Is this ride smooth? Both my parents have back problems. Could they go on this ride?
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    Can't book over 7 days in new Magic your way tickets?

    You can purchase 10 day tickets on the internet. 1) Select "Tickets Only" 2) Select # of Guests 3) Select Country & State 4) Select Days (This screen will only allow you to select up to 7 days.) Click Continue. On the next page you can select the 10 day package :wave:
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    How many DVC members on WDWMagic?

    DVC 220 point at the Boardwalk. Members since 1999. Can't wait to make my reservations for 2005 next month.
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