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  1. J


    Brooks and Teva are my go to’s. I have degenerative arthritis in one foot so good shoes are very critical for me. I found a different kind of Tevas for this trip and I’m very excited to try them out. They are Teva Zymics and feel incredible. I buy almost all my shoes from 6pm as you can find...
  2. J

    renting dvc points

    I have used David’s DVC rental for 2 past trips and have a 3rd booked for next year. Great experience everytime
  3. J

    POLL: Have you ever had to evacuate a ride at WDW?

    Yep. We stopped at the bottom of the final lift hill on Splash Mountain.
  4. J

    Trip Report 2018-2019 A Year in the Land (Disneyland)...a multi-trip report

    Great trip report! I’m really enjoying it. We will be going to Disneyland for the first time next year and are super excited.
  5. J

    Boardwalk Room Request

    You can go to touring plans and use the room finder. It will show where all rooms with that view are
  6. J

    Boardwalk Villas in May!

    You will have a great time. We stayed at Boardwalk Villas in a Studio in June and loved it. I also used David’s to rent points.
  7. J

    What are the best Resort TS restaurants?

    Cape May is very good. Boma is as well. If you don’t want to eat buffet Sanaa is wonderful. The bread service is a must do.
  8. J

    Ideas for my last TS credit?

    I’m going to also say Sanaa. The bread service is delicious. Boma is also great.
  9. J

    Garbage Can Liners

    I have visited a few hotels that did not use trash can liners in the room. It was part of their “green” program. Disney’s probably doing the same thing.
  10. J

    Boardwalk Villas first timer

    We are also going to BWV for the first time. Will be there June 4-10. I have a standard view studio and have asked for an upper floor hoping it would be quieter. I think people are not courteous when it comes to noise. Went to Pigeon Forge several months ago and had to get out of bed after 11...
  11. J

    Moderate Hotel Choice for 2020 - 1st Timer Help

    The skyliner will help with transportation. You can take it to both Epcot and Hollywood studios so you will only have to bus to MK and AK.
  12. J

    Help - I'm Spoiled!!

    FQ is great. I would also look at DVC also. You can go to David’s dvc rental website and see how much it will cost.
  13. J

    Boardwalk Inn Coffee Pot or Keurig?

    Are the Boardwalk Villas the same? We will be there in 53 days😀😀
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