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    News The Hall of Presidents is now open

    Does David Morse still voice George Washington?
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    Duck at Chefs de France.

    Thanks for the replies. No idea how sickness got auto corrected in, but I did post late in the night. Thanks again for the insight!
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    Duck at Chefs de France.

    What is the opinion of this dish and duck in general? I have never had duck before, but I do like to be adventurous when on vacation. What is the sauce made of? I know there are cherries involved. Thanks again!
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    Skipper Canteen or Liberty Tree Tavern

    This will be for dinner and I have never done either of them. Everything else is already perfectly planned and placed, but this is the one that we keep going back and forth on. The whole fried fish sounds good at Skipper Canteen, but I see that they are only giving out one fish instead of two...
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    Does Disney ever change the extra magic hours?

    Thanks for the replies! My main concern with the hours is planning the dining reservations. I wish Disney would push reservation dates until they completely figured out their park hours.
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    Does Disney ever change the extra magic hours?

    I have a trip in early November, and I am a bit puzzled that from Halloween to 11/6 there is not a single evening EMH. No idea what it will be on the 7th, I will find that out tomorrow. Just a bit disappointing since my party are more night owls than early risers.
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    Animal Kingdom Hours

    Does Disney every adjust the operating hours they post for the parks? I am going in early November and am surprised that the park always closes at 7 and only ever gets extra magic hours in the morning. I am surprised with the Avatar expansion and the River of Lights. Would hate to miss out on...
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