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    Epcot Easy Trivia

    The other place you can hear it is in Wonders of Life :D
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    Epcot Easy Trivia

    I need to start posting in things other than random trivia threads.....but I think the Two-Way traffic sign is wrong.....don't the cars go the same way towards the building? the track on the right is the high speed banked turn around the front of the building and the track on left heads back...
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    Splash Mountain Ride Thru Video

    I believe the rodent says "FSU!" for Florida State University. I read somewhere that one of the imagineers who worked on the ride was from FSU
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    Another Great Spot ...But Where?

    Courtyard of Wilderness Lodge! :)
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    No Dr. Pepper

    This is kind of off the subject of Dr. Pepper....but does anybody like Lipton's Brisk Rasberry Ice Tea? We don't have it up here in DE, but always make a special trip to a Publix in FL to buy a few cases & bring it home!!
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    Another Great Spot ...But Where?

    Wilderness Lodge It's the lil bridge over the stream :-) I love that resort!
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    Favorite Disney Channel Series

    I remember those!!! :-D They were great. Sorry to say I don't get the Disney Channel anymore :-(
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    I'm the new guy

    Re: Thanks Well the fact your down in SLOWER LOWER Delaware has got to stink. :lol: Come up above the canal and life isn't that bad!!!
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    Who's going in may

    I'll be there May 4th - 11th. :D Can't Wait!
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    How long do you stay??????

    All I know is not matter how long you stay you never want to go home! :)
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    For WDWPrinces

    Uhh.....no....I am most deffinitely a guy!
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    For WDWPrinces

    :D :sohappy: :D hehehehehe :p
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    Wdwprincess03's trip

    Somebody needs to start a Disney Teens site or forum. lol
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    Wdwprincess03's trip

    haha, you know there's teenagers on the board when there's a "popular" group
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    Favorite Gutbombs in WDW!

    Why can't they sell those frozen bananas at the other parks too!!! They're great!!
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    Wdwprincess03's trip

    wdwprincess03 (aka Kelly) is at WDW for the week. She'll be back Sunday. Grim was just saying how he misses her. That's all there is to it. Although, i miss her too! lol
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    your first ride or attraction

    Walt Disney World Railroad :-) Took the first train back to Mickey's Starland (circa. 1990 I think) to find Mickey!!!
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    official May park hours

    Thanx for the hours, I'll be there that week too! Can't wait! Only 32 more days! :-D
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    DISNEY's Country Bears

    It's obvious to me that the word "Country" does NOT belong in that movie. It might be cute....but can anyone say "The Pop/Rock/Rap Bears"??? Whatever they do they can't change CBJ!!!
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    Packing List

    Who needs a suitcase??? any bag will do!!
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