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    Dopey Steals Snow White's Arm

    Nice show, Disney!
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    Guests Injured by Falling Lamp Post

    Only if they pay the $24.99 up charge.
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    News Walt Disney World and other major Disney accounts stop posting on social media platform X

    Sooooo Disney was going to stop nickel and diming in the parks. And they were going to stop posting on X. It's almost like you can't believe a word they say.
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    News Disney Jollywood Nights - Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Season ticketed event

    I was actually thinking what they added seems very much like what used to be provided daily as part of Characterpooza.
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    Wish (Walt Disney Animation - November 2023)

    Not good that we are even debating "disappointment" versus "flop" for a Disney movie's performance.
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    Park Attendance goes down, so Prices go up?

    Gotta feed the beast.
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    News 'Encanto' and 'Indiana Jones'-themed experiences at Animal Kingdom

    So at the time, how many days a year were the parks at capacity? And if either of those lands expanded beyond previous boundaries, they actually increased the max capacity of the parks.
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    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    Don’t you just hate when that happens?
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    Disney at the Box Office - So what happens now?

    I rarely show up for movies I’m “supposed “ to see.
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    Disney at the Box Office - So what happens now?

    I saw Indy. I thought it had some issues, but I'm still glad we went. I saw Haunted Mansion. My Disney loving daughter asked if we should leave after the first 30 minutes (we didn't but neither of us will watch it again). As for the rest, every single person who goes to movies forms some sort...
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    Disney at the Box Office - So what happens now?

    Seriously? You need someone to define what a good movie is? If it was that easy, they'd all be hits. You'll know it when you see it.
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    Disney at the Box Office - So what happens now?

    We should have this discussion when Disney puts out a critically acclaimed movie with lackluster box office performance. 2 things can be true at once. The industry can be changing. And Disney could be failing to put out good movies.
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    Wish (Walt Disney Animation - November 2023)

    Sometimes math isn't fun.
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    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    I thought I saw that Disney has some buildings closed still (within resorts that are open). Does that mean they are not included in the total?
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    Wish (Walt Disney Animation - November 2023)

    I was actually going to see the movie despite the lackluster reviews, but it's my adult daughter (and Disney partner in crime) who decided she didn't want to.
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    Wish (Walt Disney Animation - November 2023)

    Long about now, I'm just going with "no more remakes".
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    Best indoor roller coaster in Orlando?

    RnR for the win. I'd go: 1) RnR 2) GotG 3)Space 4) Gringotts 5) Mummy Gringotts is a much better dark ride than the others, but straight up roller coaster goes to RnR for me.
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    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    I consulted the Iger dictionary for that one.
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