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    Rumored ride at Hollywood Studios

    Most "normal" cast members do not have a huge following, so it is better to cut them off completely. MJ, however has been tried and found innocent. Do not think for a second I'm actually defending him, I'm just saying that after his death his net goodwill exceeds his bad goodwill. Nonetheless...
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    Rumored ride at Hollywood Studios

    Because Jackson was a lot more popular and so could make more money? Not saying it is right...but it does make sense.
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    Beef rice alternative at Tokyo Dining?

    Agreed. The can easily make plain rice and perhaps they can give you some sautéed veggies instead of beef on your rice if you ask.
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    DVC AP Discount to be discontinued?

    I am really surprised that they would remove the discount on the AP precisely because as you said. I imagine it like this: If Disney gives a discount just to hopper tickets then a person with DVC, that person would more inclined to come one a year and grab a ticket package to match the days...
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    Parking with a trailer for downtown Disney??

    Yes! I'm glad it worked out!
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    How do people afford Deluxe?

    It is more complicated then that. At least the rumor mill says so. Rumors have circulated Disney wanted another "standard" resort but it would run into issues regarding a monopoly of hotels...again rumor. This theory does provides logic for the explosion in the timeshare model. A cynical...
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    Visiting resorts?

    Also worth every dime!
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    Best Drink On Property??

    If one wanted true craft beer, they should visit total wine and more in Orlando. About 30 minutes out from Disney in total, and GREAT beer can be bought for 2 - 4 dollars a bottle, cheaper in larger packs. Most of the "craft" beer in the Epcot F+W festival can be bought much cheaper there.
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    My son doesn't wanna go :(

    I will suggest doing some research about the other things around Orlando and offering to him what he would like. The first time I went to the Magic Kingdom ultimately did not like it. I still don't to this day. It is not true everyone will like it eventually. But what I do like? Gator land! I...
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    Parking with a trailer for downtown Disney??

    Unless the trailer is unusual the garage could probably fit it...but just ask a cast member when you turn into the entrance by Cirque and they will tell you the best solution,
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    Best Crab Legs?

    Will definitely suggest Joe's over Fulton. I don't seafood to begin with but Joe's can accommodate my picky needs for half the price of Fulton. Fulton only exists because of its location,
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    Best Drink On Property??

    Rum Runner at Typhoon Lagoon. Don't be like some and jump in the wave pool after chugging it! :confused:
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    New Main Street U.S.A bypass to be built to address entry and exit congestion at the Magic Kingdom

    I was not trying to nitpick, but I'm just saying it is hard to say. "Quality" in itself is broad, and some take it to unreal levels. Case in point...I saw three groups of people in one hour who who so confused about the concept of waiting 30 seconds in line before someone greeted them (because...
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    New Main Street U.S.A bypass to be built to address entry and exit congestion at the Magic Kingdom

    I understand what you are saying, but is there a company that does train you to not expect the best aside from (possibly) discount businesses?
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    Star Wars land to disneyland toontown?

    WDW will get more SW...one way or another. Too much money to pass up.
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    7DMT Fast Passes

    Doubt it. When things get REALLY bad, there is a 10:1 ratio for FP+ to standby. It is standby which will hurt.
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    New Main Street U.S.A bypass to be built to address entry and exit congestion at the Magic Kingdom

    My standards died when I was at AK at 16 and saw the front gate being painted on at 10:00 AM. I even told my dad "He would have been fired if Walt was alive, wouldn't he?" Which my dad replied "He would have been employed by the company, so it at least would be possible"
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    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    While I agree it is a disappointment, I would not be so quick to jump onto ridicule. These kind of decisions are as much political as they are economical and since I do not know the political state of Norway currently I cannot jump on them too hard. They simply may have an elected body that...
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    Proof of Age?

    I've had many 5 year old assert they are 7 so that mommy wouldn't have to be bothered ridding with them, although the children themselves are fine saying they are 5. It all depends on to what lengths one wants to...alter the truth for their convenience.
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    East Parking Garage construction

    You will have to park in the garage...you could park across the street but you will then have to cross it. There are few good options to get to marketplace...let me be the first to say sorry ;(
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