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    News Disney Jollywood Nights - Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Season ticketed event

    Any rumors of actual improvements they will make for remaining parties? Or are they just going to try to roll with this and hope that smaller crowds will make it work better?
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    News The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as CEO Through 2026

    Fundamentally, TWDC is a media company with P&R. In that way, it is more like Universal than most would care to admit. It is not a vacation company that happens to have media. That said, the question of who might succeed turns in part on what lesson they draw from Chapek. If Iger is so bullish...
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    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    Joel’s monster lives! Tested for Tron this am and got BG1.
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    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    Wait times are back up in the app…
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    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    What are the odds they just reverse changes made today to get wait times working? Not a good look the day before variable G+ pricing.
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    News Disney Dining Plan Returns in 2024

    Three quick ones: A) Above does not include tax, which it seems that the plan already does (tips are a wash) B) You could assign some modest value to the resort mug, even if it is only $3-4 for avoided morning beverages C) The simple answer at MK is lunch or dinner at Crystal Palace for $59...
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    News Disney Dining Plan Returns in 2024

    The crab legs at Cape May Cafe for dinner and lobster at Space 200 come to mind since they already are an upcharge- maybe this language is only intended for those types of situations? There are more prix fixe menus than pre-pandemic, and some have these types of options.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Related question- it says there is a pocket for wallet/phone/glasses. Can you really not wear glasses? If not, as someone who only wears Rx glasses (not contacts), I wouldn’t be able to see enough to enjoy it. I’ve never had an issue on other coasters, including RnRC.
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    Return to normality tracker

    Resort fun run returns to Boardwalk on 1/20, hopefully more to follow.
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    New Entertainment for the Boys?

    Maybe trying to bring back characters for TAF breakfast with the last one?
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    Rose and Crown

    The fireworks package is also now available. It requires prepayment- not sure if that is new or was the case before.
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    Any news on ILL/Genie+ after August 7?

    The current “downgrade” of one ride in each park from ILL to Genie+ is scheduled to expire on August 7. Has anyone heard if there are plans to extend this? It seems to have marginally improved Genie+, and I personally can’t imagine paying for an ILL for any of the 4 rides, with the possible...
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    Reservation expansion

    You are good until they start the Resort Pass system. Just head over to Pineapple Lanai at Poly (or Disney Springs for that matter).
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    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    If it adds 1BR and 2BR options to Poly that are more reasonable than the bungalows, this will be a big win for existing Poly DVC owners. It will more likely be folded into existing DVC (a la VGF) rather than become a Copper Creek style 2nd association.
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    News The Hall of Presidents opens in August with President Joe Biden

    They just announced a bunch of things opening through August 21 and this wasn’t listed. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be back sooner, but doesn’t seem promising.
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    Return to normality tracker

    Nice article, however, the conclusion about DDP seems like a leap of faith. There are also a number of restaurants that are open but not serving all the meals they used to- especially breakfast in the parks. I think these fill-in meals also need to come back before the DDP.
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    Are there any rumors or information about the return of runDisney events?

    They have also removed the participating charities from the site. Are they giving up on them or just reviewing their lists?
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    Are there any rumors or information about the return of runDisney events?

    Interesting that they did not list early registration for AP/DVC…and are also not taking new club RunDisney memberships (for now).
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    WDW Speed way going electric???

    The Speedway is a giant OSHA violation. Many of the cast members working there in track do not wear hearing protection. My wife, who is an audiologist, has pointed this out to supervisors on more than one occasion. Electric cars would go a long way to fixing that.
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    News Magic Kingdom and Epcot Fireworks to Resume July 1st

    ADR day coming up this weekend for trip late July through Aug 8. Is it worth trying to time Cali Grill for fireworks? Other options that might be better for first week of Aug?
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