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  1. Z

    Southwest new booking dates

    Or people who had already book free dining trips for November were adding their flights. We booked our trip for November this afternoon and the morning flights were pretty much all gone.
  2. Z

    A week away and the possibility of rain is scaring my party!

    My wife and I will be there in a week too, and she keeps worrying about the forecast as well. We've been at Disney in the past when the forecast said 100% chance of rain that day or even that hour and it didn't rain. We've also seen it say it won't rain and then it does. Just remember that the...
  3. Z

    How Many Times Do You Visit WDW In A Year?

    We've been going twice a year, in April and November. Our friends give us a hard time about it but we always have a great time so we really don't care what they say.
  4. Z

    Let the hate begin - Wheelchair only buses?

    I never said they are evil or even bothersome. I said it may affect us once or twice. A family standing in line with you who have been waiting in like you is not the same as waiting in line and a group with one person in an ECV rolling up and the whole group getting on the first bus that comes...
  5. Z

    Let the hate begin - Wheelchair only buses?

    Over the course of a week I'd say that wheelchairs keep us from getting on a bus once or twice. Even then its not the wheelchair that usually does it, it's all the people traveling with the person in the wheelchair. I don't think there is a solution that would make everyone completely happy...
  6. Z

    Nasty incident outside Club Cool at Epcot tonight

    So they were drunk on romance. I suppose that explains it. It was a really odd experience.
  7. Z

    Nasty incident outside Club Cool at Epcot tonight

    At F&W last year we didn't see many drunk people, until the Boyz II Men concert. Then it seemed like everyone was. It was bizarre.
  8. Z

    snack attack

    Fried rice in AK is a great snack. It's practically a meal and a nice change from sweet snacks.
  9. Z

    What's the first thing you do when you get into MK?

    We usually arrive early evening or late afternoon. We get checked in, go to MK and eat at Casey's.
  10. Z

    Do you take your cell phone in the park & where do you keep it?

    I bought a very small pack to keep mine and my wife's phones in so I don't have to worry about them falling out of a pocket. I can also put my wallet in it so I'm not sitting on it. It's small enough that I can put it in a cargo pocket on my shorts so I don't need to go through a bag...
  11. Z

    WDW: On-Property ENTIRE Time or Broken Up?

    Respectfully that's not true. It may be wasted time for you, but for my wife and I its not wasted time at all.
  12. Z

    WDW: On-Property ENTIRE Time or Broken Up?

    We stay on property the whole time but its because that's what we want to do, not because of the price we're paying. We've talked about doing a day at Universal and maybe someday we will but for now we really enjoy being on property the whole time.
  13. Z

    Stitch's Great Escape closing for 2 day refurbishment in March

    I apologize, I really have nothing against MJ and I love the style of the film but there is something about it that I don't care for. The dagger was unintended.
  14. Z

    Arrival day tips??

    We've only had a problem with luggage once and it was Southwests issue. Every other time trip our baggage was in our room within two hours. We normally arrive late afternoon, get checked in, drop off our carry ons and go get hot dogs at Caseys.
  15. Z

    Stitch's Great Escape closing for 2 day refurbishment in March

    There aren't many attractions that I truly dislike at WDW, Stitch is one of them though. The other is Captain Eo. Most things I can still appreciate even if I don't really like it, not these two. I'd be very happy if they were replaced.
  16. Z

    FastPass+ Chaos at MK today

    I do enjoy relaxing in Cava de Tequila, we usually go during the festivals so evenings at Epcot we don't worry about FPs and just try different craft and foreign beers
  17. Z

    FastPass+ Chaos at MK today

    My wife and I went to WDW for our honeymoon right before FP+ came out. I had been there many many times before but my wife hadn't been there in something like 15 years. We went again a few months later and by then FP+ was up and running. The most noticeable difference was that we were able to...
  18. Z

    All-Star Music Question

    We almost always stay at the All Stars and we try to get preferred rooms which are near the lobby and usually the pool as well. Being right next to the pool can be a little noisy but its not so noisy that its bothersome. The cheerleaders can make a little more noisy but even then its really not bad.
  19. Z

    Selfie sticks - is this a thing at WDW yet? Disney clarifies policy

    We really only ever see a couple during a week long stay and they have never had any impact on our enjoyment. iPads on the other hand are a much bigger problem. I don't which is worse, using them to record a dark ride or holding them up to record night time shows. Those are far more annoying...
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