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    News Avatar Experience coming to Disneyland

    In DCA it could replace the Grizzly Peak area. An Avatar movie for Soarin, Pandora river run, Smokejumpers grill already looks like Satuli Canteen. That whole corner of DCA is primed for Pandora overlay.
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    Reasons my trip didnt feel as magical...

    The dumbest thing Disney did was not charging for Magical Express when they started charging for parking. They could have kept room rates flat for the year and pretended they were doing this as a benefit to guests.
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    Price Hikes Galore! (Genie+ variable pricing, ILL, refillable mugs, SWGE lightsaber and droids)

    Disney is putting coffee makers in every room and giving away free tea and coffee.
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    News Pirate rooms at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort to be replaced with 'under the sea' theme

    I'm guessing that they are adding the Murphy bed that they have in other rooms for a 5th guest.
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    Is it possible to extend ride run times?

    I've had a giraffe, a rhino and an ostrich change the ride time on Kilimanjaros Safari.
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    What kind of restaurant would you add if you could???

    World Showcase food hall. Multiple different food vendors that could rotate in and out. Food and wine style options but with bigger portion sizes for real meals. Showcase countries that aren't currently represented and have a large covered eating area that requires you to have food before you...
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    All Star Sports

    Having just been at All-Star Sports I learned how to figure out which rooms are currently being refurbished. Stuck to the window of the rooms is a piece of paper. Sometimes it's red, white or green, depending on the step of the refurbishment I'm guessing. I saw that on one of the Surf's Up...
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    It's now Sir Bob Iger

    If you want to joust you have to be a knight. At least that's what I learned from A Kinght's Tale.
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    Where can I go for positive news?

    I'm 5 days into my WDW trip and it's as good or better than any trip I've taken in the last 40 years. As long as the hurricane stays away this will be a great trip. My favorite youtuber for positivity is Provost Park Pass. It's mostly a Disneyland focused channel but they do spend some time at...
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    All Star Sports

    Really nice room, much nicer than they used to be. Having a coffee maker in the room is nice and there are so many outlets. Definitely a modern room and I love it. Just have to get used to the table disappearing every night, but there is a lot of counter space to make up for it.
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    All Star Sports

    Home run building 9 just opened today refurbished. We were given a standing ovation from mousekeeping and then an escort to our room as the 1st guests to get a new room.
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    Lunch Menu = Dinner Menu?

    Docking Bay 7 has the ronto wrap at dinner but not lunch. Sunshine Seasons changes up their menu significantly at dinner, much smaller.
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    After Hours ever again?

    That truly was the best. We would go in, hit all the attractions and then head to Epcot for rope drop.
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    How would strictly gluten free restaurants fair at Disney???

    I have no need for gluten free or vegan or allergy restaurants but there is no reason there shouldn't be some restaurants in WDW that cater to specific diets. Imagine a kid who has a hard time with food finding out there is a restaurant that caters to them and has character meals.
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    What Do You Think is in Phase Two for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge?

    It's easy enough for Disney to test out 1 Mando in DLR and bring it over to HS at a later time.
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    Are we just spoiled?

    Because if I'm happy with Disney for these new attractions I get flamed as a pixie duster. So called Disney fans attack anyone now who is happy with the parks.
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    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    No, it has to do with nature. The land, the sea, water are all a part of nature which is why they are in World Nature. Mission Space, Test Track and Guardians have nothing to do with each other but are in the same land.
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    News 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom

    Fill in most of the river and build Tiana's restaurant in a steamboat along the water across from her ride. Frontierland shrinks down to 1 side of the road and New Orleans square is built for Tiana. Dr Facilier would have his attraction at the edge of New Orleans that would lead into the new...
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    Tokyo Disney has cracked down on Disney Vlogging, would you want the US parks to follow suit?

    Disney isn't going to get rid of vloggers. They invite the vloggers to special events and previews so that they can use the vloggers to create promotional videos for them, for free. The amount of free advertising that Disney gets from vloggers is staggering.
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