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    News PHOTOS - Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom to receive enhancements this summer

    Must be a fun job to pluck all the lights out of and re-paint the christmas light netting..
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    News Crane for Castle Christmas Lights in place

    Ah yes, the annual crane kerfuffle...
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    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    There are a lot of things they don't technically "need". They don't need to do fireworks every night either. With regard to crowding, isn't that why the second loop around the hub was created? And the walkway behind Main Street?
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    Can/should/will they fix Kali's splash?

    If one doesn't want to get soaked, one shouldn't ride Kali. I've been equally soaked on both Kali and Grizzly.
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    Parade Testing at Magic Kingdom

    No way Disneyland is going to send PTN out to Orlando any time soon. Unless they're building a clone, I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Removal of Main Street Christmas Wreaths Due to New Parade

    I don't hate them given the alternative (nothing). Something just seems off to me though. They seem too big to me. I feel like they throw off perspective. At least in the pictures. Maybe they look different in person. Kudos to them for figuring something out though! At least now they don't need...
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    Avatar 3D ride news

    Camp Minnie Mickey hasn't even been leveled yet and we're already panning one of the yet to be built attractions? Seriously? o_O
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    Magic Kingdom Bus Loop expansion

    They could've at least put in a moving walkway. Dogs are gonna be barking at the end of the night..lol
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    Fantasmic! gets show lighting upgrades ahead of its 15th anniversary

    A single tear just rolled down my cheek. I miss the Lights of Winter.
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    Garcia: With MyMagic+, Mickey will watch where you go, what you do

    Obviously, "being treated better" means different things to different people. Maybe I'm just being foolish, or naive or both. If MM+ goes the way I see it going, it'll be a sad day when your level of welcome inside a Disney theme park is based on the rate in which your money flies out of your...
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    Garcia: With MyMagic+, Mickey will watch where you go, what you do

    I enjoy a good rewards program when it comes to discounts or some other tangible reward. That said, I never understood (nor will I ever understand) the notion that the amount of money I spend entitles me to be treated any better than the person standing next to me.
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    Garcia: With MyMagic+, Mickey will watch where you go, what you do

    I can see this very easily going the way of casino loyalty cards. I wonder how long it will be before hotel availability and rates as well as restaurant and fastpass availability are based on how much you spend? Working in a casino, I can tell you that when you call and ask for a room and they...
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    2018 - Big Year

    It's amazing when you see how many years of physical construction these projects take and compare it to the one year it took Walt to build the entire Disneyland park. How many years has the Mine Train been under construction?
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    Osborne Lights ending for good (or not) due to Star Wars expansion?

    Why does it have to be either or? I don't see any reason we can't have both at some point in the future. I have no problem with them going away for construction. Surely out of the approx. 43 square miles of property they own they can find a place to put these lights.
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    myMagic+ Upcoming Test(s)

    We're going 12/7-12/12 and were never able to get a BOG reservation despite being on the phone, tablet and laptop exactly 180 days in advance at 6 and 7am every day for that week.
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    Osborne Lights ending for good (or not) due to Star Wars expansion?

    Add me to the list of those that will no longer visit during the holidays if the spectacle is removed permanently. I understand a hiatus due to construction but when you compare the holiday offerings now to 10 years ago (or even 5 years ago) it's just sad.
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    Two Spirited Quickees...Imagination closing

    So, no Osbourne Lights at least for 2014 and potentially no garland over Main Street because of the new parade? Wow..how sad. I understand why the changes are happening, though. Maybe it's time to switch from a Christmas season vacation to Halloween.
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    New 2013 WDW Ticket Prices

    I'm not going to bark about the prices because, frankly, there is no point and I will still be going every year anyway. I find it interesting that Disney would price MK above the other parks. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but it certainly gives off a negative impression on the "value" of...
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