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    News The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as CEO Through 2026

    Not to mention cracking down on log-in sharing, like Netflix did.
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    Park Attendance goes down, so Prices go up?

    This is the golden rule of economics. But we're seeing across the board that corporations refuse to follow it.
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    RnRc Retheme?

    If they are staying with music for the theme, it should be Queen. If they go with an IP, then they have plenty of properties to choose from, including those from their Fox acquisition. 'Rocketeer' would make a great Disney+ series, and has a cult following (like TRON). It could work.
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    Reduced Capacity at Jungle Cruise

    The Jungle Cruise isn't going anywhere. It's a beloved ride, a popular classic, with a holiday overlay that's become just as inviting as the Mansion overlay in Anaheim.
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    Trespassing third parties

    BUT... with approval. They can't just set up shop outside the doors unless the manager signs off on it
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    Please Use Both Sides

    The single-finger salute was called for. Harassing another guest seems to be cause for park expulsion; they are lucky the cast member didn't have them escorted off the property.
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    The Walt Disney Company Names Hugh Johnston As Chief Financial Officer

    He'll be Iger's replacement, guaranteed.
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    How much longer?

    Don't look at me, I don't want Horizons or WOM back. And they aren't coming back.
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    How much longer?

    I'll say once again that it's time for Disney to remove the monorail line from the TTC to Epcot. A Skyliner transport would be a much better option from the TTC (and should also have a line to DHS). Keep the monorail loop around the lagoon but move on from this expensive technology elsewhere...
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    How much of the DIS stock plummet is related to the parks? In particular, WDW..

    Most of the issue is the loss of $$$ is due to streaming. All streaming services are suffering. This is why, across-the-board, you are seeing price increases everywhere. Even Apple finally caved and doubled their price.
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    News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress

    Looks like progress is coming along nicely on the transition. I'm excited to see the booming colors and the I love the murals. Disney is giving this ride the TLC it deserves.
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    15 minutes left in the day, you rode Pirates and Haunted Mansion already, but you can choose between the two of them which one to go on again

    Which one am I closest to? Otherwise, hard to make a decision on these two attractions.
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    How much are they altering the Country Bear Jamboree?

    You seem to be irritated that I used a well-known pejorative for the country crowd, used to illustrated that the Country Bear Jamboree, in its current form, reinforces the stigma of Appalachian and southern culture. Obviously, you have taken my comments and opinions personally. Please stop. I...
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    How much are they altering the Country Bear Jamboree?

    Oh honey, as a country hick myself, I take issue with that.
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    Tron queue damage

    Perhaps I should say "Americans are going to do what Americans are going to do". Visiting many large cities in my time, Americans certainly love to vandalize with spray paint.
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    Tron queue damage

    Human beings will do what human beings do. Seems like Disney should have known this before installing vinyl stickers.
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    How much are they altering the Country Bear Jamboree?

    I loved the "Under New management" overlay. But I embrace progress and change; I don't rally against it.
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    How much are they altering the Country Bear Jamboree?

    I'm from deep Appalachia. Should I just explore my own area? I live it. Everyday.
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    A Glimmer of Hope for EPCOT Center

    I LOVE your positive attitude! I think many of the changes have been brilliant, and will ensure the long-term viability of the park for the next generations.
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    How much are they altering the Country Bear Jamboree?

    Well, the bye gone era can up and leave. There's a reason that CBJ fails to draw any type of crowd. It's boring and outdated. Either modernize it and save the ride, or bulldoze it and put up something else.
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