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    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous

    I'll also put my money on less unfortunately. Rumor is this started as a great show and was (no surprise) cut way down, because they never learn their lesson.
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    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    That's the problem. They love their screens and glasses, so they think that is doing it with love. Sets, stories, and animatronics are old and what Walt would have done. They are more advanced.
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    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    This would be a dream come true, but they never seem willing to go back to anything old. Even in cases like this where it would be so much better and well received by everyone.
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    What Stateroom should I choose

    We also spend a lot of time in our cabin and on the balcony, so it is beneficial to us. The OP is going on her first cruise, and it is only a 4 night sailing. I cannot imagine much time at all will be spent in the room. I would save the money. Location shouldn't matter too much on that...
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    Aquaduck disney dream

    I thought it was closer to 22 knots. The bridge report should tell you
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    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous

    It's not that bad. Imagine if they took a building that was overbuilt to last 40 years ago and demolished it only to replace it with something similar yet not quite right. Now that would be a waste of money.
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    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous

    There was a time long ago when Epcot had a theme, and this would have fit right in. There was also a time long ago when Disney was an innovator, and this would have been amazing to see them do. Instead, we are going to get a show that had could have been great.
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    Disney Wish broken down in Nassau-

    Disney isn't that foolish. It's only 2 with the special Silver Anniversary pricing.
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    MagicBand+ coming to Disney Cruise Line?

    You had me worried for a second that you had been hacked. We know this isn't happening. Mickey and Minnie have new anniversary costumes that aren't free.
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    Was GOTG placed in the right park?

    Is there anyone who truly thinks it belongs in Epcot? It certainly doesn't belong in the original idea of Epcot, and it doesn't even fit in the Epcot when they decided to do it. I suppose anything belongs in Epcot of today, though. If we're being honest, it should have gone in Hollywood...
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    MagicBand+ coming to Disney Cruise Line?

    Dear sir, it is a very convenient way to strip another 35-50/person from the "guests." They used to create the problem and sell a solution. Selling the solution to a problem that doesn't exist is just evolution.
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    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous

    Us knowing this isn't important. Corporate needs to hear this and truly understand it. Bookings are not where they should be for Orlando, and they need to eventually admit it's their errors.
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    Flying into FL Question

    He is right; you would likely be fine. It's just too darn risky. In 20+ years of cruising, I have only done the morning of two times. Both times the stress was overwhelming. I made it, but I did not enjoy the worry at all. For what a hotel costs relative to missing that ship, there is no...
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    Disney Wish

    We had a friend who recently tried DCL for the first time on the Fantasy, and we told her she should have tried the Wish first. I have the same feeling that a first time cruiser would enjoy the Wish. The Wish was still enjoyable; it just isn't what the others are. The sole exception to that...
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    Lighthouse Point to welcome guests in Summer 2024

    I wish this was a surprise, but it is follows their usual way of thinking. It is a little odd from a business perspective, though. They have the land and construction is negligible, so it is just an easy profit item if they did it. It's not as if they would sit empty.
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    they lower them into hourglass lake at night for cleaning, so this isn't that unusual
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    Disney Wish

    Great review and spot on based on our sailing. We were excited to give it a try, and I did my best to remain open minded despite the reviews and word of mouth. We could not have been much less disappointed. I was still happy to be at sea and we still found moments to enjoy, but I can't think...
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    Lighthouse Point to welcome guests in Summer 2024

    Wow, I hadn't considered this possibility, but it is a real concern now that you mention it. The many (and some major) missteps on the Wish might see similar shore side repeats on LP
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    Panama Canal Cruise

    Which Royal ship is on that itinerary?
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    How accurate yet something I don't need to imagine. Now I can't get this imagery out of my head.
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