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    Story Ideas/Overall Themeing

    This is quite a cool idea and by keeping simple it would be great. You hve a tour company. There is your entrance Thunder Thrill Inc. Couple of guides encouraging guests to take a ride wit on ofthe safest companies in the World. The theme of the testing the new car is great. You...
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    Update: Roll Call!

    Apologies chad I wish I could say I have been watching fromthe side lines but I have been away for a couple of months doing some work away. Sadly unable to access internet properly so have been lapse in doinganything. Well i am now back and wish to contribute if thats OK. Well I work in...
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    castle cake

    Your kiding me ??? I thought they would use traditional methods to produce such an affect. You know, cream, sponge cake and icing sugar. You telling me they cheated :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    More thrill rides.

    I obviously do not want to go there. But if I did it would take several weeks to get through it as I spend most of my time at work and come on once aweek or even less LOL
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    More thrill rides.

    Oh I See. Then I shall stay clear of the subject LOL:lol:
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    More thrill rides.

    Maybe your right. But whats the 'Debate' NOWINC. ???
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    More thrill rides.

    I agree ( with WDW and Beauty) but I did say 'If' Disney wants to they would wins hands down. I agree that the parks are well ahead of IOA. You need to look to the future and an option for disney could be a thrill ride park. Theconcept of just a thril ride park would be new as most places...
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    Memories - Good & Bad

    Always move forward and take the opportunity to remember the good times you had together at Disney. Pull together those precious moments you shared so they make a life time of memories. Life is short and Its times like this that allows us to learn to enjoy and reflect the present and share...
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    More thrill rides.

    I agree that magic kingdom is a grat place although dated . It is still the magic kingdom and there is always something special about it. The last time we arrived at the park they were just lighting the christmas tree. There has always been something about the place that makes you feel at...
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    Best Disney World Ride

    All the rides are goodbut to choose just one is a bit well not possible. So i picked rock and roll coaster as it is my most recent
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    What is your Favorite Parade?

    I like most of the parades but the first ever parade I saw was Spetromagic and will always remain my favourite. Although the disney parade at disneyland paris is good( Hey There Hi There Ho There)
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    End of The Holidays

    I apologies for not being around much in the last two months but work commitments pulled me away from my computer as christmas is a busy time for me. I may not be on daily but I will pick at least twice a week. A great move chad to start with baby steps
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    Idea for a new coaster

    Great idea but most coasters are done and dusted in about 2 or 3 minutes. Yes tell the story as they go up to the top. but your return loop shoup be the finale to the whole experience. Have them shoot out of the whale using projection catapult with a big blast o wind and water from behind...
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    Member list

    Mike MC Creative developement mostly but im willing to have a go at most things. mansfieldclark@hotmail.com mikemcfreddie@aol.com Its been a while Chad but Im back
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    Where are the fireworks launched?

    Launched from the ground :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I Like it LOL But soe of them are launched from the boats (Epcot)
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    A pic of my room.(not really) (scary stuff!! take a look!!)

    What a picture. Very impressive.
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    disney blues

    I know what you mean about the Disney Blues. Coming fromthe UK ittakes longer to save up to go and when you do its 2 or 3 weeks. The last few days really get to you. You buy asmuch and save as much from th parks so the memories last longer when you get home. When you have flown home for 8...
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    2001 Attendance Estimates

    Great figures. Hopefully people will still keep going. We are currently looking at planning a trip soon.
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    CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS NEWS in this Trip Report

    I'm gonna miss time keeper :( :( :(
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    Eyes And Ears

    I would not want to get anybody into trouble so I will not press for further information. I'm just going to go to WDW and get a job LOL. Thanks anyway.
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