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    DCL Buys Unfinished Mega Cruise Ship - Genting Golden Dream ???

    I wonder if Iger will scrap this ship as apparently no work is happening at the moment on it and Disney are in the process of redesigning it. The amount lost will be minimal for Disney is they send it for scrap they will recover most of the purchase cost and the losses will be on the storage...
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    News Team Disney Orlando, Pritzker Prize Winning Architect Arata Isozaki Dies at 91

    Awful building, in his memory they should tear it down. If people think the TTC and resort signage is very 90's this building screams 90's
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    News Mickey’s Copyright Adventure: Early Disney Creation Will Soon Be Public Property

    I wonder if we will see people randomly dressing up as Mickey in places like Time Square hassling people to take photos for $10 once anyone can use the IP because it's definitely never happened before.
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    News Pirate rooms at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort to be replaced with 'under the sea' theme

    I think a lot of people don't understand what theme is and what decoration is. The theme is meant to be Caribbean Beach as that's the hotel but that's a very loose theme as hotels in the Caribbean don't have an overriding theme really. So these new rooms are also fairly generic which is fine...
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    DCL Buys Unfinished Mega Cruise Ship - Genting Golden Dream ???

    If they kill it then they have to write it off and take the losses very quickly as work will have started on it as ships don't just sit around as it costs a lot to have them sat in shipyards that are busy. No one else will buy it other than for scrap and Disney will have paid more than scrap...
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    DCL Buys Unfinished Mega Cruise Ship - Genting Golden Dream ???

    For TDL and HKDL they could build a dock next to those parks as they are next to the sea. I can see both parks wanting to do that as they will benefit from a large influx of visitors who may not otherwise attend.
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    Disney plans hiring freeze, some jobs cut......

    I can't believe the Disney institute is still running, isn't that where they teach other companies and their employees about how great Disney's business and customer service is and how you can apply it to your own business? I run a medium size business and our customer service blows Disney out...
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    Disney plans hiring freeze, some jobs cut......

    New ships yes, existing ones no. Just been on a cruise for 2 weeks spoke to a number of staff off the record and even went to the beach and lunch with some in a port and Disney has left the ships about 10% understaffed, doesn't sound a lot but on a ship that works it's staff hard when full...
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    What has happened to the place we (used to) love?

    It's management theatre, making it look to to people like they are one of the team. A good manager would ensure enough staff are available to do that job not walk around with a litter picker looking like they are doing something. It's typical of Disney's poor management style, all style no substance
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    What has happened to the place we (used to) love?

    "Awesome" it is not stupid it would be. You do realise if he was cleaning a restroom for 30 mins it would cost Disney $7810 based on his salary! If he did custodial for a day they may as well not both cleaning the bogs and just demolish the lot and build new ones as as it would be cheaper.
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    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    That's what happened when you push prices too far, people stop paying. I suspect they will add cups with a barcode or RFID if it gets out of hand as they certainly won't want to pay a person to fill cups.
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    News Walt Disney World's iconic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard to be permanently removed

    It has no Disney brand characters on it so it was never going to stick around for long under the new regime.
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    Summer House on the Lake coming to Disney Springs in 2023

    Can't find a source for what you are stating by in 2018 Disney stated 18-22% of visitors are international so your figures don't add up as that would indicate no one from any other part of the US beyond 300 miles visited the parks.
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    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    At somepoint all the pavilions will be fully "Disneyfied" with characters and rides as that fits what Disney is today. If their isn't a movie set in that country then that can be fixed over time so a new movie is set in that place then it can be shoehorned into the pavillion. They are no longer...
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    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    Yes the font is so much more culturally insensitive than a souk in an pavillion representing an Islamic country. While they do sell alcohol to tourists in Morocco it's in bars, hotels, and supermarkets for tourists none of which this place is. Disney doesn't care about any culture other than...
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    News Disney CEO Bob Chapek hails the metaverse as 'the next great storytelling frontier' and sets up a new team at Disney to create new experiences

    Getting involved in Zuckerberg's desperate attempt to find a new interest for people as the next generation ditches Facebook with be a disaster and waste of money. The "metaverse" is just Second Life 2.0 and Disney created parks and stores in that when everyone claimed it would be the next big...
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    All looks cheap and mediocre, Mediocot could be the parks name. This is Disney's California Adventure repeating, in a decade or so under new management they will realise what mess up this all was and much more will need to be spent to fix it all.
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    Disney plans to build a massive dynamic art installation on International Drive

    Amazing screens with videos look like they are popping out of the screen are the future of high end adverting screens so what does Disney have installed, a wavy screen. This thing could have been something so much better.
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