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  1. DanStat

    Possible Attraction in France pavilion (Epcot) Update - new Attraction Greenlit

    I think they're really missing out by not using Inside Out. It would be such a great IP to use in Epcot. Love your ideas!
  2. DanStat

    Any Good Hollywood Studios Quick Service Options?

    I got so sick at Backlot Express last time that I was out for our entire trip and had to visit Urgent Care in Orlando. The only QS I'll eat in DHS is PizzeRizzo. And a carrot cake cookie.
  3. DanStat

    Uber pick-up from resort

    Lyft was always super fast as well. :)
  4. DanStat

    Wilderness Lodge construction questions

    It is very loud Monday through Friday from about 9-5. They did not do work on the weekends. The elevators by Roaring Forks were the only ones available. No beach anymore, but great views of the water parade. I'd say the pool will be open when you go based on what I saw two weeks ago.
  5. DanStat

    Wilderness Lodge Roaring Forks

    We stayed there two weeks ago. Geyser Point had great breakfast options, as did Territory Lounge. For all of the fans of Magic cookie bars and the Wilderness Salad, the gift shop sold them. You can also get your refillable mug refilled with coffee at Territory Lounge if you're headed out to the...
  6. DanStat

    From the OS: Gator drags child into Seven Seas Lagoon

    Poor Lane and his family. This is so tragic it's really beyond comprehension for me. I have no idea what his family must be going through. I hope they are able to find peace and closure.
  7. DanStat

    Tell me about Splitsville....

    We ate there about a year ago. The food was pretty good! We shared some kind of cheese fries; I had one of the teriyaki bowls. The mixed drinks were delicious! It was a lot of fun. I would recommend it if you're spending some time in Downtown Disney/Disney Springs!
  8. DanStat

    MNSSHP Souvenirs/Merch

    Big lesson learned: unlike most nights at the Magic Kingdom where the shops on Main Street stay open later than the park, on hard ticket nights, the shops close when the park closes. I had bad luck two years ago trying to purchase a pin at midnight and several other guests were locked out by a...
  9. DanStat

    Snack credits at Food and Wine

    It's one of our favorite uses of a credit. It bothers me when I see people using their credits for bags of Doritos! :)
  10. DanStat

    Got my ADRs

    I've wanted to try Tutto Italia since it reopened. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  11. DanStat

    Dinner before MNSSHP:TS or QS?

    Liberty Tree is usually where we go. If you're into it, Trader Sam's at Polynesian might be a cool place to start a Halloween adventure this year!
  12. DanStat

    Be Our Guest Breakfast Confirmed

    We've got an 8:45 ADR and I'm looking forward to trying breakfast here. Dinner was not my favorite; I hope they change up the menu soon. Lunch is a better value here, I believe. I'm trying to decide what to order...that croissant donut is calling my name.
  13. DanStat

    Character dining reservation an hour before park opens

    I agree with a taxi in some cases. The busses before park opening are very sporadic in our experience. Magic Kingdom more reliable than most, however. We're looking forward to a pre-opening breakfast at Be our Guest in May! Can't wait to walk down Main Street with limited people in front of us!
  14. DanStat

    Petals Pool Bar at Pop

    We love the Lava Lamp! We also found that the bartenders here have a heavy hand when it comes to pouring drinks. :)
  15. DanStat

    Best snacks available using Dining plan

    One of my favorite things to do is take a boat from Magic Kingdom to Wilderness Lodge and grab a Magic Cookie Bar! They're delicious and also a snack credit. The resort is so beautiful. It's a nice break from the parks.
  16. DanStat

    Quick service ideas for Animal Kingdom?

    Restaurantasaurus would be my choice if Flame Tree was closed.
  17. DanStat

    Whispering Canyon or Hoop-de-do-review?

    I'm not a fan of the food at Hoop, but Whispering Canyon has a good variety. Plus they have unlimited milkshakes!
  18. DanStat

    Getting your drink on.....

    Not a fan of beer either! I love the Victoria Falls Mist at Jiko, the combo margarita at the Mexico pavilion, Lapu Lapus are a must and the Pimm's drink on the standard bar menu isn't too bad either!
  19. DanStat

    Not so magical

    I think society has reached a tipping point where we value the individual rather than the whole. Additionally, with inflation and demand for Disney so high, people see it as a one-time experience and have the desire to maximize their value.
  20. DanStat

    Just scored Star Wars Galactic Breakfast ADR!!!!

    I scored a reservation as well! Super excited. Do you know if the Photopass picture they take is included with your breakfast?
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