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  1. Roakor

    Thoughts about the progression of projection rides?

    I am waiting for Disney to create a working Holodeck
  2. Roakor

    Annual Pass Sales Coming Back Soon?

    Disney did the math, it is more profitable not to have APs. I would not be surprised if they never bring back APs or just severely restrict their sales. I mean this is a business after all.
  3. Roakor

    The “wealthy” is not going to work

    When Disenyland opened the focus was on the experience. Money was just a necessary evil required to bring you that experience. Today the focus in the parks is Money. The experience is just the necessary evil required to make the money. It is this change in focus that I see to be the biggest...
  4. Roakor

    Question about mobile order

    The more places you have your finacial info (CC number) stored the greater the risk of it being stolen. I'd rather just use the physical credit card. Also we planed on using our Disney chase rewards gift card for food, which it looks like we may be able to link to my mobile. So that could be...
  5. Roakor

    Question about mobile order

    can you use the visa chase rewards Disney gift card? Might go that option if we can. was going to use that for food anyway which was one reason i didn't want to pay with mobile order. but if i can link the chase rewards card that would work.
  6. Roakor

    Question about mobile order

    Do you have to pay for the meal with mobile order or can you just place the order and pay for it when you pick it up. I really have no desire to put any finical information into my phone or or use apple pay.
  7. Roakor

    Those of you who bring breakfast from home to eat in the room...

    we usually get muffins, the big ones from SAMs. Have also brought fruit & danishes. Normally its just to hold us over till lunch. we like to eat an early lunch to avoid lunch rush so we typically eat lunch around 10:30 - 11am
  8. Roakor

    Be Our Guest Is A Joke....OK, Somewhat

    We used to like going there for lunch. The food was ok, nothing to write home about but nothing bad either. You didnt go for the food. You went to eat inside the beast's castle. Since they converted it to a sig restraunt I have no interest in going. They are not charging you $62 for the...
  9. Roakor

    Future of FP+ vs Virtual Queues

    The limited capacity of party nights is about the same as the limited capacity they have right now, but it doesn't matter what the capacity is. If you enter a standby line that starts at the exact same point with and without fasspass. It takes you 1hr+ to get through that line from that point...
  10. Roakor

    Future of FP+ vs Virtual Queues

    Love it or hate it, fassPass+ makes standby lines longer. a lot longer. My opinion is either do all stand by or all fassPass not both. My preference is all standby. When they have their party nights (halloween/christmas) there is no fasspass. I have seen (and stood in) lines that extend...
  11. Roakor

    Entitled Manchild/Horrible Father Harasses Cast Member

    This goes for any service industry, I have gotten far more by politely asking and accepting whatever answer they give than loudly complaining and making a big scene about it. If you are loud an obnoxious the best you will get is the bare minimum to shut you up and get you out of there. However...
  12. Roakor

    When to take grandchild to WDW

    We have decided that Grand kids can come with us when they are old enough to go without a stroller and kep all the complain about all the walking/waiting to a minimum. Generally when they hit about 6 years old. Thats when I frist took my kids to the parks and when i myself first went to WDW...
  13. Roakor

    Do you Feel Turned off by Latest Disney Television Add

    if I lived nearby and had an annual pass I would most likely be going to disney right now myself. But we don't live nearby or have an annual pass. Nor do I have a large ammount of disposable income. For what it cost us to go to Disney both of us have decided we would rather just wait till...
  14. Roakor

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    isn't rise of the resistance a trackless system with multiple levels?
  15. Roakor

    Hardest part of planning?

    hardest part is waiting for the departure date...
  16. Roakor

    Something needs to change with MK close on non Party Nights

    I have discovered a great solution to the crowds at magic kingdom. Go to Disneyland instead.
  17. Roakor

    Hard to get photos

    Here is one I got that you don't see too often. Out side of special events you almost never seem the togther for a photo. This was just outside the castle on the back side and there was no line. Of course it was about 2:30am back in april of 2009 :) So what hard to get photos do you have?
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