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  1. Dizmunk

    News Annual Passholder dining discount drops to 10% for 2018

    Chuys on 192 has free food m-f happy hour 4-7. Chips, ground beef, refried beans, nacho cheese dip and salsa. You just have to sit in bar area and pay for drinks. We make a meal out of it at least once on our trips. Culvers on 192 is excellent inexpensive food- butterburgers and frozen...
  2. Dizmunk

    A long time Disney fan turns sour!

    We don't get the amount people pay to stay on property. I guess I would expect perfection at those prices, too. I have wanted to stay on property but every time I do the calculations it's just not worth it. We are a family of 5. We get a huge condo or townhouse off property, rent a van, pay...
  3. Dizmunk

    Avatar Flight of Passage reviews, comments and questions

    Anyone else notice the lone weird creature at the end of the ride? While banshee is perched lower right side of screen in the brush moving around. Looks like a baby cloverfield monster- don't remember anything resembling it in the movie. Maybe will be in the sequels.
  4. Dizmunk

    No reservations available for BOG ?

    I just found an open dinner time on Dec 20 also!! I usually get lucky using the website instead of the app-don't know if that makes a difference.
  5. Dizmunk

    No reservations available for BOG ?

    I just got one on Dec 22 for lunch for 5 of us. Been trying for over a month. It's possible! Keep checking every day.
  6. Dizmunk

    So they ban selfie sticks...

    We hate the automatic bubble-blowers! Those bubble are in our face everywhere we walk. We had lap loads full of food and drink at Fantasmic and were pleading with everyone around us to please turn those things off!
  7. Dizmunk

    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    TOILETS on big Scrabble pieces? If that's how Andy wants it...
  8. Dizmunk

    Disney's Hollywood Studios Name Change

    I don't think Monsters Inc is the only thing they would confuse it with!
  9. Dizmunk

    Disney themed restaurant- off property

    I had no idea they already tried this-thanks for the info. Sounds like they didn't succeed
  10. Dizmunk

    Disney themed restaurant- off property

    I would love to see a chain of Disney themed restaurants in major cities around the country. It would help my family get our Disney fix between visits. I wonder if Disney has considered this. Does this interest anyone else?
  11. Dizmunk

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    When we rode last week the lights were on also. Had never seen that before! Yeti was huge!
  12. Dizmunk

    Avatar Flight of Passage reviews, comments and questions

    Once you reach the indoor part of the queue in the standby line, approx. how much waiting time is left?
  13. Dizmunk

    Avatar Flight of Passage reviews, comments and questions

    Has anyone noticed if the single rider line is significantly shorter than the regular line? Does it bypass the queue?
  14. Dizmunk

    Sounds Like Summer concerts Epcot 2017

    I cannot find any information on Disney website about this summer's lineup. Does anyone know if this has been canceled? I called Disney and the person on the phone knew nothing.
  15. Dizmunk

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    I have a child who wear glasses only to see distance like movies and white boards at school. Is the Flight of Passage screen closer than a regular movie screen? Trying to decide if she will need to wear them for the ride. She doesn't need them for Star Tours.
  16. Dizmunk

    "That" Attraction

    We have 3 teenage daughters and still do Everything in the parks! We even went inside Didney Junior Live at DHS last summer to get out of the heat. We thought it was cute and fun to watch all of those babies have such a great time and we love the Frozen sing along-it's hilarious!
  17. Dizmunk

    Thing you WANT to Do, But Can't

    I always wanted to drink around the world at Epcot but I can't make it past the 3rd country! How do people do that?!
  18. Dizmunk

    Goodyear Speed Ramp vs. Space Ship Earth's TV

    Was there 2 weeks ago and noticed both of these problems. Ramp up to Peoplemover was filthy, also
  19. Dizmunk

    You are a Disney uberfan if....

    when you will only buy "Mouse Ear" Hostas for your flower bed
  20. Dizmunk

    Do you miss the smell of WDW?

    We just drove home from Disney last night. Our 6 year old neighbor hugged my teenage daughter after she got out of the car and said "I like the way you smell!"-We figured that he must have smelled the Magic Kingdom on her!
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